• Bobcat Predator Zero-T

    OTR Zero-T

    The Zero — T has been designed with Zero Turn mowers in mind. It is built to offer better grip on the sides of hills, better puncture resistance, and better slow speed maneuverability than most tires on the market. Thanks to the Zero-T’s enhanced rubber technology, there is also a large reduction in shock and vibration during operation. With it's improved tread design, the Zero-T is able to make fast, tight turns without the risk of damaging your turf.  This design also allows the tire to see a speed increase of up to 1 MPH, or approximately an increase of 15%, without any extra fuel consumption. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Zero-T

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Superior Grip on hills.
    • First Rate Puncture Resistance.
    • Enhanced Rubber Technology to Reduce Shock and Vibration.
    • Improved Tread Design Allows Tight, Fast Turns Without Damaging Turf.
    • Excellent Maneuverability at both Fast and Slow Speeds.

    Available Sizes of the Zero-T

    Features Of the Zero-T
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    The Outrigger® tire design features state of the art, self cleaning, directional tread. It has an innovative design for improved stability. The rim guard and extra shoulder width provide the tire with impact protection and resistance to cuts and punctures. TIRE ONLY!  

    Features of the Outrigger®

    • State of the art, self cleaning, directional tread.
    • Rim guard with extra heavy duty sidewall.
    • Innovative design for improved stability.
    • Reinforced bead area.
    Features of the Outrigger-R4

    Sizes of the Outrigger®

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    Kubota Tractor

    Traction Master

    The OTR Traction Master is an agricultural tire as well as a lawn and garden tire. While it is known for its excellent traction provided by its aggressive R1 design, it also features a compounded design for long wear, a deep lug for even better traction, and overlapping elements for a smooth ride. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Traction Master

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • 45 Degree Lug Provides Self-Cleaning.
    • 45 Degree Lug Provides Traction Benefits.

    Available Tire Sizes for the Traction Master

    Traction Master Sizes