• Scag Cheetah
    The OTR Soft Foot is designed with a less aggressive tread to minimize turf damage. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Soft Foot

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Less Aggressive Tread.
    • Minimized Turf Damage.

    Features Of the Soft Foot

    Features Of the Soft Foot
  • The OTR Stabilizer is a premium quality tire designed with stiff sidewalls, flat contact surface, wide shoulders and a durable rubber compound that provides longer life while operating on asphalt, concrete and gravel applications. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Stabilizer

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Stiff Sidewalls.
    • Flat Contact Surface.
    • Wide Shoulders.
    Features of the Stablizer
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    OTR TeeMaster

    The OTR TeeMaster now available!

    Features of the OTR TeeMaster

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Non-Directional - Gold Cart Tires.
    • 4 PLY Construction - Available in radial or bias.
    • Design Features - Low rolling resistance for longer battery life, flat profile for high stability, low noise on hard surfaces, and better traction while gentle on turf.

    Available Sizes of the TeeMaster

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    CAT Road Grader
    The OTR Telle with its directional open tread design is self-cleaning and provides excellent traction. Also, the G2 deep lug design guards against punctures while the rim guard reduces wheel damage. TIRE ONLY!  

    Features of the Telle TUBELESS

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Open Tread Design.
    • Self-Cleaning.
    • Exceptional Traction.
    Features of the Telle TUBELESS
  • Arctic Cat with Tomahawk

    OTR Tomahawk

    The OTR Tomahawk is designed for exceptional mud traction. It proves to be a smooth trail rider as well as delivering where most mud tires fail. This tire features a durable 6-ply construction, an aggressive tread pattern and offers high performance on a variety of terrain, but especially in the mud and is available with OTR Flat-Proofing TyrLyner® for an improved flat-proofing option. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Tomahawk

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Durable 6-ply rating construction.
    • Non Directional Off Road Mud Terrain.
    • Striking Design - Thanks to a unique aggressive tread and tire texture..
    • Smooth Trail Rider - Delivering where most mud tires fail - the trail..
    • Designed in the USA.
  • Out of stock
    JLG 800AJ
    The OTR Tough Enough Aperture Solid has an unique aperture design for exceptional ride comfort. The tread compound is designed for long lasting wear performance in your most demanding applications. Tire Only.  

    Features of the Tough Enough

    • Unique Aperture Design.
    • Exceptional Ride Comfort.
    • Long Lasting Wear.
    Features Of the Tough Enough Aperture Solid
  • The OTR Traction Master HF3 is a high quality designed tire. With its directional herringbone tread style, the Traction Master offers excellent traction and cleaning properties for soft pack, sand and firmer ground conditions. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Traction Master HF3

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Directional Herringbone Tread Style.
    • Excellent Traction.
    • Excellent Cleaning Properties.
    Features of the Traction Master HF3
  • Out of stock
    The OTR Trail Warrior coming soon!!

    Features of Trail Warrior

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Radial Construction - Flexible sidewall, less rolling resistance for longer tread life.
    • High Void Ratio - For improved traction.
    • Durable 8 PLY Rating - For high load/tough applications.

    Available Sizes of the Trail Warrior

  • Scag Cheetah

    OTR Turf Rib

    The OTR Turf Rib offers a good combination of traction, durability and is a low impact multi-rib tire. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Turf Rib

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Low Impact.
    • Multi-Rib Tire.

    Available Sizes Of the Turf Rib

    Available Sizes Of the Turf Rib
  • Scag Cheetah

    OTR Turf Smooth

    The unique smooth tread design of the OTR Turf Smooth allows the operator to turn on a dime without scalping the turf. Superior sidewall offers puncture protection and stability. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Turf Smooth

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Smooth Tread.
    • Puncture Protection.

    Available Tire Sizes for the Turf Smooth

    Available Tire Sizes for the Turf Smooth
  • Kubota Zero Turn with Litefoot

    OTR Ultra Chevron

    The OTR Ultra Chevron is a quality non-directional tire designed for stability and traction. The Ultra Chevron has a high quality construction giving it excellent durability and wear resistance. A superior tire for a variety of small equipment applications. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Ultra Chevron

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Non-Directional Tire.
    • Excellent Durability and Wear.
    Features Of the Ultra Chevron
  • The OTR Wearmaster® is one of our most popular offerings. First designed by our engineering team with a specific application in mind, the Wearmaster® has grown in its use to a variety of applications - including military - due to it’s superior design and performance. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Wearmaster

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Superior Design.
    • Superior Performance.
    Features of the OTR Wearmaster
  • OTR Wizzard®

    The OTR Wizzard® bias cut is a heavy duty tire for your most demanding side by side application. The non-directional tread design delivers great traction in all types of terrain. The six ply construction delivers serious puncture resistance and its deep lugs continue over the shoulder for sidewall protection. The OTR Wizzard® Radial tread pattern and wide footprint give this tire exceptional traction and outstanding life. The shoulder lugs protect the sidewall. Its radial construction will provide both recreational riders and ATV racers shock absorbing ride quality and comfort. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Wizzard®

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Non Directional Off Road All Terrain Traction.
    • Side Wall Protection - Deep lugs continue over the shoulder.
    • 6 Ply Construction - Available radial or bias cut.

    Available Tire Sizes for the Wizzard®

  • Out of stock
    The OTR Wizzard® R2 is COMING SOON! The Wizzard® R2 is our new and improved version of our OTR Wizzard®. It has a heavy duty 6 ply rated radial construction and a distinctive “W” sidewall tread for additional sidewall protection. Its embossed tread is for improved traction giving it a lighter weight. Non-directional tread pattern for exceptional ‘all-around’ performance on a variety of trail surface types. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Wizzard R2

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Heavy Duty 6 Ply Rated Radial Construction.
    • Superior For Mud Performance.
  • Out of stock
    The OTR Zero T II coming soon!!

    Features of the Zero-T II

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Designed with a larger void area than the Zero T.
    • Excellent side slope traction.

    Available Sizes of the Zero-T II