• OTR GC

    The OTR GC available now!

    Features of the GC

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Non Directional - Golf cart tire.
    • 4 PLY Construction - Rubber compound provides maximum stability and durability.
    • Design Features - A wide footprint and tough sidewall.

    Available Sizes of the GC

  • Out of stock
    The OTR The OTR Grader G2 is a directional herringbone tread designed to provide excellent stability and traction. TIRE ONLY!  

    Features of the Grader

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Directional Herringbone Tread.
    • Excellent Stability.
    • Excellent Traction.
    Features of the Grader
  • Kubota Zero Turn with Litefoot

    OTR Grassmaster

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    The OTR Grassmaster is designed with a high traction tread and a long wear rubber compound. The Grassmaster is available with a 2 or 4-ply rating for most sizes. More tire sizes are coming soon. Contact us for more information. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Grassmaster

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • High Traction Tread.
    • Long Wear Rubber Compound.

    Features Of The Grassmaster

    Features Of The Grassmaster
  • Out of stock
    The OTR Hammerhead coming soon!

    Features of the OTR Hammerhead

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Non-Directional Off Road Mud-Terrain Traction.
    • Aggressive Tread Design - With self-cleaning tread pattern.

    Available Sizes of the Hammerhead

  • OTR HBR Lawn Trac

    Rated 4.67 out of 5
    The OTR Lawn Trac is the ultimate deep-traction tire with a large contact area to provide the best traction whether the surface is wet or dry. The open lug design allows for maximum self-cleaning and side hill slip resistance. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Lawn Trac

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Deep-Traction.
    • Self-Cleaning.

    Features Of the Lawn Track

    Features Of the Lawn Track
  • Kubota Zero Turn with Litefoot

    OTR HBR Lawnmaster

    The HBR Lawnmaster is our newest low profile turf tire featuring a flat tread profile to deliver a wide footprint to minimize ground compaction. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the HBR Lawnmaster

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Low Profile.
    • Flat Tread Profile.
    Features Of the HBR Lawnmaster
  • Out of stock
    The OTR HK-45 is designed to perform on all types of terrain and in a variety of riding conditions. A high performance yet durable non-directional tire offers exceptional straight line traction along with excellent breaking and cornering. Its strong durable sidewalls provide great puncture resistance that will keep you one the move. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the HK-45

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Straight Line Traction - Coupled with excellent breaking and cornering.
    • Non-Directional Off Road All Terrain Performance.
    • Strong, Durable Sidewalls - Provides great puncture resistance to keep you on the move.

    Available Tire Sizes for the HK-45

  • Pioneer 700

    OTR HP 007

    The OTR HP 007 is a Directional "V" angled tread design and promotes excellent cleaning for better traction over a wide range of terrain, light mud, dirt, gravel and hard pack. Tread lugs overlap the centerline for a smoother ride. Deep wrap around shoulder lugs for outstanding steering response and is available with OTR Flat-Proofing TyrLyner® for an improved flat-proofing option. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the HP 007

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • "V" angled tread design.
    • Outstanding Steering Response - Provided from the deep wrap around shoulder lugs.
    • Smooth Trail Rider - Attributed to the tread lugs overlap of the center-line.
    • "V" Angled Tread Design - To improve excellent cleaning and improved traction.
    • Directional Off Road All Terrain Performance.

    Available Tire Sizes for the HP oo7

  • Pioneer 700

    OTR HP 009

    The OTR HP 009 is designed to give ultimate performance with side by side lug to void tweaked to give the perfect balance of traction, steering response, and mud cleaning. Shoulder lugs protect the tires sidewall and rim. Directional tread pattern with deep lugs excels in loose to intermediate terrains and is available with OTR Flat-Proofing TyrLyner® for an improved flat-proofing option. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the HP 009

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Directional Off Road Ultimate Performance - Deep lugs excel on loose to intermediate terrain.
    • Lug to Void Ratio - Provides the perfect balance of traction, steering response, and mud cleaning.
    • Shoulder Lugs - Protect the tire sidewall and rim.
    • Designed in the USA.
  • OTR IND-5

    The OTR IND-5 is a premium quality deep non-directional tread design. The large lugs provide for excellent traction and surface contact. The tire offers a reinforced sidewall and rim guard. Its enlarged bead allows for increased stability in heavy service. TIRE ONLY!
    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Superior Design.
    • Superior Quality.
    Features of the IND-5
  • Kubota Lawn Tractor

    OTR Lawn Boss

    The OTR Lawn Boss is a very versatile turf tire with a flat profile for pro, consumer and other applications. The Lawn Boss offers all-around performance with a flat profile and ample tread depth. This tire can be used on machines ranging from Zero-Turn mowers to utility vehicles. The variety of tire sizes available matches to almost all machine needs. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Lawn Boss

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Very Versatile.
    • All-Around Performance

    Features Of the Lawn Boss

    Features Of the Lawn Boss
  • Out of stock
    The OTR Lightning is a premium quality non-directional tire designed with a wide center rib resembling a lightning bolt to promote superior wear on hard surfaces. Its stiff sidewall, flat contact surface, wide shoulders and durable rubber compund design make this tire an excellent choice for asphalt, concrete and gravel applications. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Lightning

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Wide Center Rib.
    • Superior Wear.
    • Stiff Sidewall.
    Features of the Lightning
  • Out of stock


    The OTR Lightning for Telehandler keeps pace with industry standards in innovation and technology. The Lightning provides up to a 20 percent larger footprint than its competitor, which allows for exceptional wear and increased flotation. TIRE ONLY!  

    Features of the Lightning TELEHANDLER

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Industry Standards.
    • 20% Larger Footprint.
    • Exceptional Wear.
    Features Of the Lightning TELEHANDLER
  • OTR Litefoot

    Rated 4.00 out of 5
    The OTR Litefoot was originally designed as OTR’s answer for equipment required to operate in sandy conditions as well as produce minimal turf damage and yet provide enough traction to get the job done! The Litefoot tread pattern provides great traction and superior wear characteristics on a variety of surfaces. The Litefoot is constructed with a long wear rubber compound. The Litefoot is designed for great handling and performance on small equipment. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Litefoot

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Minimal Turf Damage.
    • Superior Wear.

    Available Tire Sizes for the OTR Litefoot

    Features Of the Litefoot
  • Genie Non Marking Mold-On
    The OTR Mold On -These solid tire/wheel assemblies are made with molded on non-marking rubber in a non-directional tread.  

    Features of the Mold On

    • Non-Marking Rubber.
    • Non-Directional Tread.
    • Solid Tire/Wheel Assemblies.
    Features Of the Mold On