OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. employs a staff of tire and wheel engineers that can custom design a tire, a wheel, or a mounted tire wheel assembly to meet your needs and specifications. OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. is able to assist with product design and development through 3-D modeling. Our engineers use CAD-CAM design software so we can work closely with the customer’s design team to ensure all aspects of the wheel and tire design are achieved to your satisfaction.

OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. has a history of innovation and proven design capabilities. With more than two decades of experience in the tire and wheel industry, OTR has the proven experience with extensive product innovations to meet and exceed customer requirements.

OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc.’s engineering, manufacturing and integration capabilities position our company as a highly qualified supplier to be your single source for all your tire and wheel needs. Our range of tire and wheel knowledge definitely qualifies us to be your source for tires, wheels, rubber tracks, foam fill and mounted assemblies.