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Terms & Condtions

After purchasing OTR tires, all racers must fill out the Racer Profile Form with all current and valid information and agree to the terms of the winning agreement prior to racing. You are agreeing to use OTR tires. You are agreeing that we can re-post your information to our website, social media outlets, and any marketing material. Racers MUST upload and submit proof of purchase of OTR racing tires. After information is collected and proof of purchase is confirmed, the racer will then receive a racer package with OTR logo stickers to place on their vehicle and helmet. Racers must have these stickers visible on both their vehicle and helmet while racing. After competing AND winning a race with our OTR tires and logos, the racer must complete and submit the Winner’s Payout Form. In the Winner’s Payout Form, racers must upload and submit pictures of; 1) winner on podium. 2.) helmet and logo requirements. 3.) OTR tires on the vehicle. All fields in all forms are required to be completed with valid and appropriate responses to be considered applicable. If all the requirements are met, the winning racer will receive a monetary reward in form of a check within 120 days. Racers will not be awarded any monetary payout if any of the requirements are not met in entirety. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Racer Requirements

GNCC, TORC, LUCAS, WORCS, Any King of Hammers, and Mud NationalsMideast Racing, WEXCR, IXCR, Any local/regional races
1st Place: $3251st Place: $250
2nd Place: $2502nd Place: $175
3rd Place: $1503rd Place: $125
YEAR END (Overall)YEAR END (Overall)
1st Place: $3,0001st Place: $1,000
2nd Place: $2,0002nd Place: $700
3rd Place: $1,0003rd Place: $400


  • 8 racers minimum in your race class

  • OTR Wheel Engineering race logo (at least 3 of them; must be visible from outside the car) on car (12″ x 12″ or bigger)

  • OTR Wheel Engineering logo on helmet (3″ x 3″ or bigger)

  • Post and mentions on social media pre-race, during race, and after race

  • Post and mentions on social media in general 4 times per month (or more)

  • All 4 tires must be OTR Wheel Engineering brand

  • Purchase tires through Gforce Suspension

  • 10-99 form may be required

  • If you fail to meet ANY of these criteria, you will not be eligible to receive any payment from OTR Wheel Engineering