Guidelines To Become A PAID OTR Racer

OTR Racing is now paying racers to win! All you have to do is race with our tires and logos, and you’ll be a part of the OTR Racing team! Get paid for every race you win!

In order to become a PAID OTR Racer, here are the steps to take;

After purchasing OTR tires from an approved reseller, fill out the Racer Profile Form to get started on your journey to be a part of our team!

***Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to submitting any forms.***

Racer’s Forms

Race Payouts

1st Place: $2751st Place: $2,000
2nd Place: $2002nd Place: $1000
3rd Place: $1503rd Place: $500


MAJOR RACES ONLY | Subject to OTR Wheels approval


  • Drivers must have a completed and approved race profile created at

  • 8 racers minimum in your race class

  • OTR Wheel Engineering race logo (at least 3 of them; must be visible from outside the car) on car (12″ x 12″ or bigger)

  • OTR Wheel Engineering logo on helmet (3″ x 3″ or bigger)

  • Post and mentions on social media pre-race, during race, and after race

  • Post and mentions on social media in general 4 times per month (or more)

  • All 4 tires must be OTR Wheel Engineering brand

  • Purchase OTR tires from one of our approved resellers

  • 1099 form may be required

  • If you fail to meet ANY of these criteria, you will not be eligible to receive any payment from OTR Wheel Engineering