OTR HBR Lawn Trac

//OTR HBR Lawn Trac

OTR HBR Lawn Trac


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The OTR Lawn Trac is the ultimate deep-traction tire with a large contact area to provide the best traction whether the surface is wet or dry. The open lug design allows for maximum self-cleaning and side hill slip resistance. TIRE ONLY!

Features of the Lawn Trac

  • Deep-Traction.
  • Self-Cleaning.

Features Of the Lawn Track

Features Of the Lawn Track


Features of the LawnTrac

  • Deep-Traction.
  • Self-Cleaning.

4 reviews for OTR HBR Lawn Trac

  1. Mark Ingersoll (verified owner)

    In my opinion, there are actually two reviews here. One for the tire. Another for OTR.

    I have bought several of these over the years. Usually I’ve bought through Kubota – but they only sell as a tire+rim item. I see no point in accumulating rims! But, the most frustrating aspect is that with the wide array of tires available thru OTR – Kubota chose one that pretty much gives them a ‘proprietary’ strangle hold – and then whaps their customers with hefty pricing (~$95)..

    The tire itself is great when working to move dirt, etc – especially in loose soils. That said, there always seems to be small surprises hidden in the soil and I end up with flats. But, I can’t say that is a fault of the tire – and even then I am not sure of a 100% remedy.

    As for OTR and the new on-line ecommerce site – YES !!! As I mentioned above, the tire I need is an odd duck and no one stocks it locally (that I can find). So having a website available 24×7 is a particular relief. Also, I ordered on June 1st – and received my tire on June 3rd. Easy. Convenient. Fair pricing. Great service. THAT’s how you do it.

    • Cole Pearson

      Thank you so much for your recent purchase with us Mark! We are happy to have you as part of the OTR Family! We certainly are glad you are enjoying the new web site! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Floyd Holton (verified owner)

    I just ordered a second set of 24 x 12 – 12 OTR HBR Lawn Trac for a friend. Great replacements for the factory lawn tires that slip and slide and always seem to get stuck. OTR filled my first order and had them at my door step in 3 days. Great price and service. Can’t get any better than that.

    • Shanna Fabian

      Thank you, Floyd! Good to hear you were happy with your tires and recommended them to a friend!

  3. Shane Kennedy (verified owner)

    I put these on my New Holland that was slipping badly around my lake. No more slipping! Absolutely amazing. I only bought the rear but am considering getting the fronts as well since it helped my traction so much. I was between these and the Carslisle tires. I got these because of the claimed “won’t mess up your lawn as much” deal. So far no marks. Very pleased.

  4. Tim Aldrich

    We bought these tires for my sons Sears 8E pulling tractor, They work great. We are in canada so it took a few days to get them but great service. Thanks John

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