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    The OTR Beast now available!

    Features of the Beast

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Directional Off Road All-Terrain Performance.
    • Durable 6-PLY Construction - To keep you trail ready.

    Available Sizes of the Beast

  • Golf Cart

    OTR Fairway Master

    The OTR Fairway Master is a smooth riding tire. Its tread pattern, rubber compound, and tire construction provide maximum durability and ride comfort. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Fairway Master

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Smooth Ride - Compliments of the tire design.
    • 4 PLY Construction - Rubber compound provides maximum durability.

    Available Sizes of the Fairway Master

  • Out of stock
    The OTR Hammerhead coming soon!

    Features of the OTR Hammerhead

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Non-Directional Off Road Mud-Terrain Traction.
    • Aggressive Tread Design - With self-cleaning tread pattern.

    Available Sizes of the Hammerhead

  • Out of stock

    OTR Prowler

    The OTR Prowler now available!

    Features of the OTR Prowler

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Non-Directional Off Road Trail Terrain.
    • Center Tread Element - Provides for long wear and excellent lateral traction.

    Available Sizes of the Prowler

  • Out of stock
    The OTR Trail Warrior coming soon!!

    Features of Trail Warrior

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Radial Construction - Flexible sidewall, less rolling resistance for longer tread life.
    • High Void Ratio - For improved traction.
    • Durable 8 PLY Rating - For high load/tough applications.

    Available Sizes of the Trail Warrior

  • OTR Wizzard®

    The OTR Wizzard® bias cut is a heavy duty tire for your most demanding side by side application. The non-directional tread design delivers great traction in all types of terrain. The six ply construction delivers serious puncture resistance and its deep lugs continue over the shoulder for sidewall protection. The OTR Wizzard® Radial tread pattern and wide footprint give this tire exceptional traction and outstanding life. The shoulder lugs protect the sidewall. Its radial construction will provide both recreational riders and ATV racers shock absorbing ride quality and comfort. TIRE ONLY!

    Features of the Wizzard®

    • TIRE ONLY!
    • Non Directional Off Road All Terrain Traction.
    • Side Wall Protection - Deep lugs continue over the shoulder.
    • 6 Ply Construction - Available radial or bias cut.

    Available Tire Sizes for the Wizzard®