Proudly Presenting the 350 Super Mag!


The 350 Super Mag

You may have heard of the 350 Mag, OTR Wheel Engineering’s premiere RTV and ATV tire. When a tire is capable of supporting greater load ratings than most marketplace ATV tires and features an open non-directional tread pattern which allows it to have superb traction and maximum durability, it is hard to ignore. If this is the case for you, we hope that you will be excited to hear about the 350 Super Mag, a pretty sweet spin-off of the original 350 Mag.

The 350 Super Mag is actually quite different from the regular 350 Mag. The only significant characteristic they share is the non-directional outer tread pattern. The inner tread, however, is very different. It is designed to reduce rolling resistance as well as road noise in order to maximize comfort while riding. It is also designed to be quite a bit more durable thanks to rubber compounds that enable it to be very resistant to abrasion which in turn makes it last longer while in use on hard surfaces. In order to achieve this increased durability, however, there have been some small sacrifices made to the tires traction. While this tire’s traction is not quite as good as the 350 Mag’s, it makes up for it with the vastly increased durability.

Purchase a set for your ATV or RTV today! You can buy them here: OTR 350 Super Mag.

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