Update on OTR Racing

//Update on OTR Racing

Update on OTR Racing

OTR Racing Update

In the action packed world of OTR Racing, we have been nothing but PROUD of our sponsored racers. They have continued to prove the excellence of our champion worthy tires. This past weekend was the 3rd round of the Mid-East Racing series, which took place at Enola beach in Morganton, NC. Collin Truett, with Truett Racing, has proven to be UNSTOPPABLE with yet ANOTHER 1st place win in this series!! Right behind him was his father, Mitch, in second place, proving that this talent DEFINITELY runs in the family. Not only has Collin been undefeated in the Mid-East Racing Series, but he is also on a winning streak in the GNCC Series as well! This means that this past weekends win was his SEVENTH consecutive win between the two racing series’! Way to go Collin!!!

Here’s a brief race report from Mitch, himself;

“Mideast UTV Round 3 was a Huge Success for Truett Racing yesterday! I knew getting off the line good was going to be extremely important today because it was raining on us when lining up for the start. I had pulled the 2nd lowest # for starting positions so I knew I was in good shape when I lined up too. I got the jump and made it thru the first set of switch backs and then thru the 2 foot deep river crossing first! It didn’t take Jamie McCoy long to sneak by me in a tight u-turn corner going back up a steep hill climb tho. I was able to hold Collin at Bay till we hit the single track too. Almost as soon as we enter a single line with a drop off on the left and a big hill on the right, Jamie’s car came to a complete stop! I was stuck with no where to go and the cars behind us started climbing that big hill to make it around! I saw Collin going thru the trees like a tractor and I knew I had to get on with it NOW. I put my front bumper into Jamie’s car and switched it to low and started pushing him on up the trail. Once I got him moved up far enough I was able to turn by a big tree and make that hill climb myself. The car behind Collin had gotten hung up on a stump so he was holding the others at bay just long enough for me to jump back into 2nd place with Trevor Payne right on my rear end in 3rd place. For the next 3 laps Trevor and I battled pretty much every corner! I could get away some in the faster sections where I am more at home and then he would push me thru the tighter sections where he was doing better. There was a really bad off camber turn in field section and on lap 3 I jacked mine up on two wheels coming thru there. I heard Trevor’s YXZ screaming up beside me so I knew that was where he would make his move on the next lap. I tried to get away from him for that whole lap but couldn’t do it. Sure enough when that field section came up Trevor was right on my bumper waiting for me to make a mistake. I did, and he was able to out drag race me back up to the woods entrance. I just settled in behind him to see where I could capitalize on one of my faster sections. I was able to go his speed easier than I expected because when you are following someone, you can use them as brake markers. For that whole lap I was studying where I could make a move and nothing was looking good. I could real him in at more than one section, but not enough to make a clean pass. These things are definitely not like passing with a motorcycle! After we went thru the timing tent with the 2-lap board waiving we jumped off in the river crossing and his car came out of the water sputtering and running bad. I quickly bumped him in the rear hoping to make the pass there. That bump got his car running better and he took back off like a rocket! I was all over him this lap just in case he made a mistake I would be there to pass! I also knew he would take his time going thru that water next lap too since his car didn’t like it. He never made any mistake and I’m pretty sure we both went faster that entire lap too. So my last chance would be that water crossing. I took it too! He went off to the right side of the bridge and started submerging his car in the 25 degree water. I basically jumped off to the left side of the bridge with the throttle pinned! I made a clean pass on him but the water swallowed every inch of the car! I came out of the river with water puddled up in my goggles and both my feet where under water because there was so much in the floor of my car! My car started sputtering too! Trevor quickly bumped me in the rear trying to push his way past too! My car was still running enough to beat him to the next turn by my power steering was off! I made that steep corner barely and switched the key off and on which woke the car back up and we were off to battle again! Another whole lap of him right on my bumper and me knowing I had to get that field section right this time! When the field came up I was freaking out too. I heard Trevor’s YXZ screaming so I knew he was waiting for me to mess up. The car wanted to stand up on it’s right side wheels again but I just pinned the throttle and busted thru some small bushes to get to that woods entrance first! After that I just knew I had to maintain my cool and drive it on in for a Hard earned 2nd place! Ever corner Trevor was right where he needed to be, but I hit all of my marks and felt like I had just won the overall at a GNCC ! Collin basically ran away and hid for his 7th consecutive win too. As hard as Trevor and I was battling, pushing and risking our cars, Collin still beat us by 2 minutes… Well that sucks. But, I am getting more comfortable in my new RS1 and we have one more Mideast race before our next GNCC, so my goal now is to put my RS1 on the podium in the GNCC too. Be neat to have a father son podium in a National level race and It is coming soon too.”

Collin is leading in overall points in the Mid-East Racing Series with a perfect score. Mitch is coming up behind him in 3rd. Emily Truett is also showing us awesome results in the woman’s class. She placed 2nd in this past round, landing her in 12th overall. So excited to be sponsoring Truett racing! We’d also like to acknowledge our addition sponsored racers such as Jaime McCoy and Don Harrison. You all make us so proud! Keep doing your thing, guys! The Mid-East Racing Series will continue with its 4th round on the weekend of April 14th at the Tiger Run track in Union, Sc. Get ready!

Also, the next round of the GNCC Series will take place April 7th-8th in Steele Creek, NC. Click here for some info on the round and the track!

Purchase your set of Wizzard® tires here! We look forward to seeing our tires in future races!



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