Race; GNCC Racing Series, Round 12

Powerline Park, St Clairsville, OH

October 13,2018

Truett Racing was anxious to come into this weekend as we had a point lead in 2 classes. Collin is leading in the Single Seat class as well as UXC2. We needed good finishes to extend the gap. We walked the track with purpose, took our time, looked for hot lines, passing spots, areas that would go away as the race went on and played out several different scenarios. We felt very well prepared. 7 am rolled around, it was dark and cold. We immediately got butterflies in our stomachs. While Mitch hit the port a john, we all dressed for the cold 40 degree day ahead. It had started raining around 11pm the night before and didn’t stop until 5am. We knew it was coming but we had hoped the forecast would be wrong. Rain changes the track tremendously. It becomes a slick muddy mess. Traction becomes the most important thing you have on your side. Mitch lines up on the right of Collin going into a left hand corner. Collin has 1 car to his left. Both Rs1 cars have the 27×9 Wizzard® tires on the rear, so they expect completely to be to turn one first! Collin is first to line up as is always the plan, first gives you top line choice. Green flag drops and something strange happens, for once this year Mitch does NOT get the hole shot on Collin in the single seat! Collin goes into the woods 1st and Mitch is 4th. The track is less than 3 miles long and all the rain has pretty much turned it into a single line track. The only real way to pass is for the person in front of you to make a mistake. Collin and Mitch run a perfect race and were flawless. Both cars have 27×9 HP 009 tires up front to help keep them turning and going everywhere they want to go! Clean turns are crucial to keep them out of the muck that is piling up on the outside of the turns too. Collin was able to bring home a Win and Mitch secured the 4th place spot!

This means Collin is going into the last round with a 3 point lead and Mitch is now tied for 3rd!

Our pit crew had a little bit of mechanical work to get done before the 4pm race so time seemed to move faster than ever. Before we knew it, it was time to dress and go to the line! Because of the rain and mud, our race was a little behind schedule. We go to our assigned row and line up in a perfect spot. I ride co-pilot in the Polaris xp1000 car. Green flag drops and Collin has us off the line in a flash. We are first to the corner and hold the lead all the way into the woods. When we come around by the powerlines, we have gapped our fellow racers by quite a bit. Game plan is to gap them and then drive a smooth, steady race. We run 2 entire laps with no traffic, we see the guy who took off the row in front of us but haven’t caught him yet. On lap 3 we catch him and we can just tell we are having a good race. We were scored 2nd overall and 1st in our class with a 50 second lead after lap 3. We are now following the XC1 driver in his Polaris Turbo XP car, hoping to find a safe spot to make a clean pass. Knowing that taking uncalculated risks could cost us the race, Collin is driving conservatively. The ruts get deeper with each lap, the roots and rocks more exposed and lap traffic are all a factors you have to take into consideration. We come through scoring, Ricky holds up the 2 lap board. I can see the father of the guy in front of us telling him he is running 6th overall. I know we are better than that due to us taking off 30 seconds after him. Collin is close to his rear end by now still looking for a safe spot to pass him. The XC-1 guy is driving fast and smooth, but following the leader is something Collin just can’t stand. About ½ way into lap 4 Collin goes into a corner perhaps just a little too fast and ends up clipping the edge of a tree and folds his lower A Arm. Something he is familiar with, so he knows how it drives with a broken or bent A arm. We see another broken down car and ask them to tell us what is wrong, sure enough, he confirms what Collin pretty much already knew. We drive a little way more and it completely breaks causing the wheel to fold under. Knowing the terrain gets worse instead of better, we know the odds of us making it out are slim to none but we decide to try and make it out on 3 wheels, they do it on TV right? We get in our tool bag, pull out an adjustable wrench and Collin is able to get the lugs nuts off and remove the wheel and tire. We make it 20 yards and we mar up in mud so deep that there is no way for us to get it out, a 135lb co-pilot isn’t much use for weighing down or lifting anything! By this time, we know the race is over and scoring is closed so our only option is to sit and wait on the track crew to tow us out. That’s a long wait sitting in the woods all alone with it getting dark knowing you just lost the gap you wanted between you and #2 in points. There was a lot of silence and a lot of frustration. As a racer you always want to win and do your best. It’s disappointing when you know any small mistake will put you on the sidelines. You sit back, appreciate the fact that even though its 45 degrees outside, you at least can’t feel it due to the multi-layer race suit you are required to wear, helmet and gloves. Instead of focusing on the past, you determine to come out better and stronger next time. Just because we didn’t make it to the checkered flag doesn’t mean our Season’s story is written! We have 1 more race, 1 more shot to make it happen and bring home the Championship in UXC2!”

John Baughman on the left and Collin Truett in the middle

OTR Racing had an exciting time at the last round of the GNCC Racing Series. As you just read about the Truetts standings, we also would like to congratulate John Baughman on placing 3rd in the single seat UTV Class! The next and last round of the GNCC Racing Series continues in Crawfordsville Indiana on Oct 27th at the Ironman Raceway. This will be the last round of the 2018 series! Good luck to the OTR Racing team!

Congrats to the OTR Racing Team!

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