Truett Racing Moose Racing Wild Boar XC3 Round 1 Race Report

We at OTR Wheel Engineering are proud to be sponsoring Truett Racing. Truett Racing is a racing family competing with a 2016 Polaris RZR XP 1000 running the number 117 and a 2017 Polaris Ace 900 XC running the same number in the Ace class at GNCC. Collin, Mitch, and Alex Truett make up the family PRO Class UTV racing team. They are sponsored by Polaris, Corbeau Seats, SuperATV, Turtle Labs, Truett Insulation, and OTR Wheel Engineering.

Truett Racing Florida XC3 Race

Collin coming around a corner at the Florida XC3 Round 1 race.

This is the third in our series of ‘Race Reports’ that will give our readers some insight into the highly competitive sport that is UTV racing! This Race Report is written by Mitch Truett and covers the Moose Racing Wild Boar Round 1 XC3 race, which took place in Palatka, Florida March 11th – March 12th 2017:

For round one of the GNCC Moose Racing Wild Boar XC3 race, Collin is racing a 2015 Polaris XP1000. The hole shots in the races are very important, so we decided to go with the smaller 26″ OTR Wizzard tires on this XP1000 as well. This tire tread pattern hooks up very well and the smaller tires have less rotating mass too.

We entered Collin into the XC3 Pro-Amateur class. Even though he has raced and won in the Pro class at some other series, this would be his first season in the GNCC racing series and we felt like he still has a lot to learn.

Collin got off the line decent until he was hit hard from the rear, jacking his car up on two wheels! He was able to save it from rolling over and quickly set in after the guy who slipped by for the holeshot. There were 77 cars out there in this race, so he was constantly having to battle his way around and sometimes through obstacles. He was settling into a good pace and moving up very well. He was running top 2 in class and around 15th over all when a mechanical failure sidelined him early. He was one of the fewer cars to be on the last lap, so he still scored a 6th place finish in class. Even though we weren’t happy with our car failure, we left feeling OK with a 6th place finish.

Truett Racing Florida XC3 Race Pic 2

Purchase your set of Wizzards here! We look forward to seeing our tires in future races!

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