Truett Racing Mid East Racing Enola Beach Round 6 Race Report

We at OTR Wheel Engineering are proud to be sponsoring Truett Racing. Truett Racing is a racing family competing with a 2016 Polaris RZR XP 1000 running the number 117 and a 2017 Polaris Ace 900 XC running the same number in the Ace class at GNCC. Collin, Mitch, and Alex Truett make up the family PRO Class UTV racing team. They are sponsored by Polaris, Corbeau Seats, SuperATV, Turtle Labs, Truett Insulation, and OTR Wheel Engineering.

Enola Race | Truett Podium


This is the fifth in a series of ‘Race Reports’ that will give our readers some insight into the highly competitive sport that is UTV racing! The fifth Race Report we have is written by Mitch Truett and covers the Mid East Racing Enola Beach Morganton, NC Round 6 race, which took place in Morganton, North Carolina August 19th through August 20th, 2017:

We decided a few days before this race we would add another machine to our line up. We picked up a well equipped RZR 900s on Friday evening. It was in very good shape, but still needed a few maintenance items before I would trust it in a race though. So we stayed up till 1:30 on Friday night installing some needed bushings and a few other items as well.

And, Luckily when Steph was backing it off the trailer at the Race track on Saturday morning, we noticed it was also needing a rear motor mount changed out too! I quickly jumped in the truck and ran back to the house and picked up one of our spares. This is important part of the story for two reasons, not only did we get the part changed out before the race so Alex’s car was solid and ready to go, I did not walk the track prior to the flag drop!… ugh!

We all 3 entered the pro class so it basically had to be a Fun day for this family! What better way to smack your two boys around!

My car fired up quickly and I was very close to getting the hole shot until another OTR driver bumped me back to 2nd. This driver was Jamie McCoy in his Turbo Maverick XDS. I know Jamie is extremely fast and aggressive, so my ever changing game plan was now to stay as close to him a possible and let him drag me away from the others!

The fast and dusty straits had separated us a little by the half way part of lap one… But my plan was working perfectly because I couldn’t see anyone anywhere close to me going back into a tight wooded section. Well, not knowing this section bit me in the rear very quickly because I took the wrong line and got hung up in between two monster trees. Dadgummit! I did manage to get it loose and powered back onto the track, but every one in the pro class was passed and out of site before I got going again.

Collin’s new car debut didn’t start off the way he wanted on the line. He finally got it started and going though and went into the woods in 6th, once again playing catch up.

Alex got his car off to a great start, especially considering this was his first ever dead engine start!  He lost the battle to a very talented driver name Donnie before those fast straightaways though. With the dust boiling up of the car in front of him and Collin shadowing his rear bumper, he wisely decided to let Collin go on by in those faster sections. We all know Collin either drives much better than us in those dusty sections, or simply takes more risks!  Either way, it is better to let him go on by.

After passing by Alex, Collin set his sights on Donnie. He was shadowing him in some very fast sections. Post race video shows Collin running over 65 mph with about 2 feet between him and Donnie’s rear bumper! I’m not sure if this “pressure” got to Donnie, or if he simply messed up and turned a little too early when he clipped a tree with his front wheel. The impact broke Donnie’s rack and put him on the sideline after lap one. This now meant Jamie was out front running his own pace with Collin trying to close the distance sitting in a solid 2nd place position.

Alex was holding onto 3rd with me catching up to him every now and then. His car was faster in the tighter sections and mine was faster in the open sections. But, those open sections were dusty!

After 4 laps in this order, Jamie started having some clutch problems which slowed his pace. Seeing the gap dwindle, Collin put his head down and turned the fastest lap of the whole race on lap 4. Guess he was getting used to his new car. Jamie knew he couldn’t hold Collin off with an under-performing car, so he pulled over at the timing gate to get his mechanic, Gary Hinkle, to check over his car. This ended up being a mistake on his part, because his clutch was basically stuck wide open, so his car would not take back off. This little mishap put the last lap’s finishing order with Collin taking another win. Alex finishing 2nd in his XC racing debut. Me…wishing I would have walked that track! I did fill out the bottom step of the pro class podium and earn some prize cash for my efforts though.

Have to say, it was a good day for the Truett Racing Team.

As always, it is our sponsors who truly help make these days become reality.

We appreciate the tires and help OTR Wheel Engineering has gave us this year. We also want to thank SuperATV for their continued support and all the great products they put out for us to use. Corbeau seats for keeping us in place while we drive. Turtle Labs for their friendship and help getting parts made.


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