Truett Racing 2019: Mideast Hare Scramble Race Report

Collin Truett on the podium at Mid East Hare Scramble Race at Enola Beach in Morganton

We at OTR Wheel Engineering are proud to be sponsoring Truett Racing. Truett Racing is a racing family with Collin competing with the brand new Polaris RZR XP Turbo and Mitch the Polaris RS1 1000cc single seater both equipped with a set of OTR Wheel Engineering Tires, our Wizzards and HP-009. Collin and Mitch Truett make up the family PRO Class UTV racing team. They are sponsored by are OTR Wheel, Polaris, Walker Evans Racing, G-Force Suspension, Powerhouse Fab, 100% Moto, RCV Performance, Sparco, TireSpine, Keller Performance, SuperATV, OMF Wheels, and Shorai.

The Mideast Hare Scramble Race at Enola Beach was new to Mideast for 2017, and this track was one of the favorites of the Mideast riders. The property stretches to South Mountain State Park. Terrain is rocky, lots of hills, and sandy with a hill climb in the parking area for spectators.

This is the third of the Mid East races for UTVs for the 2019 season, you can see the rest of their schedule on their website for the upcoming year.

Below is a race report on the weekend from OTR’s very own sponsored racers Collin and Mitch Truett:

After walking the track on Friday evening I started working on my game plan to beat Collin on this dusty, well laid out track.  There was something for everyone on this track!  One little mud bogg that lead directly to a nasty, steep rocky hill climb.  It then went to some tight twisty woods trails which opened back up to a nice fast sweeping logging road coming back into some steep down hills before the finish line…

I had my favorite OTR wizzard tires on the rear so my car just jumped off the starting line!  I easily got the whole shot and my G-force tuned Walker Evans shocks kept me sliding fast and level thru turn one! No one was even close and the dust was flying up behind me!

… I’m not sure how many laps we completed, but Collin was basically pushing me around the whole track for the last couple laps.

If it had been anyone else, I would have let them go by and got into chase mode.  I wasn’t completely sure who it was at first, but when Collin tried a pass in some tight corners I saw his front end and knew it was him!   I blasted the gas pedal when I saw that front end too and made him fall back into 2nd… He started bumping me and pushing me pretty much every slow corner from then on till the finish…

I could see them already Waving that beautiful white and black checkered flag for me too!  I was even starting to go over my Podium speech when BAM, my car went up on two wheels! Collin had some how snuck up the inside of me on the very last corner! … 1st and 2nd isn’t too shabby for a weekend race! –Mitch Truett (Follow Mitch on Instagram here!)

Here is a video of some of the Mideast race via Mitch Truett’s Instagram:

We broke out the brand new Polaris RZR XP Turbo equipped with a set of OTR Wheel Engineering Tires, our trusty Wizzard-HP-009 combo and it was my first ever race in a Turbo. The car was built and ready to go so we had no worries about heating, belts, or breaking.

Had an absolutely terrible start going into the worst I’m not sure how far back. Luckily the leader (Mitch) took a wrong turn and bottle necked the whole first row at a hill climb so I came out pretty good only being down 4 spots in 5th position. “Took my time” and made a couple of passes the first few laps until I came up to the biggest challenge of the race, passing my own father… he blocked every hot line I attempted and held his own in the straights, I gave him a couple of bumps in the woods and he gave me a few friendly gestures out of the window.

Needless to say I like to win and I put together a last ditch effort right at the timing gate, in front of the crowd. As he was celebrating his victory he left his inside open just enough for me to slip my front end in and he turned right into it and biked him up on two wheels and I snuck right into the timing gate for the win! I felt bad for taking the win away from him but I just couldn’t help it in the heat of the moment. Definitely a lot dirtier than I was wanting but rubbings racing! Super awesome start to our MidEast year going 1-2 on the podium with 0 Flats!!

–Collin Truett (Follow Collin on Instagram here!)

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