Truett Racing 2019: AXCC Loretta Lynns Race Report

We at OTR Wheel Engineering are proud to be sponsoring Truett Racing. Truett Racing is a racing family with Collin competing with the brand new Polaris RZR XP Turbo and Mitch the Polaris RS1 1000cc single seater both equipped with a set of OTR Wheel Engineering Tires, our Wizzards and HP-009. Collin and Mitch Truett make up the family PRO Class UTV racing team. They are sponsored by are OTR Wheel, Polaris, Walker Evans Racing, G-Force Suspension, Powerhouse Fab, 100% Moto, RCV Performance, Sparco, TireSpine, Keller Performance, SuperATV, OMF Wheels, and Shorai.

The AXCC Loretta Lynn’s Race is located in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee and is apart of The American Cross-Country Championship Series Off-Road Endurance XC-Racing for ATVs & UTVs National UTV/SXS Championship & AMA Regional ATV Championship, that took place March 23rd-24th.

This is the second of the AXCC races for UTVs for the 2019 season, you can see the rest of their schedule on their website for the upcoming year.

Below is a race report on the weekend from OTR’s very own sponsored racer Collin Truett:

We left the MidEast race in Morganton, NC at around 6pm after our Podium celebration and hit the road towards Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, home of Loretta Lynns Ranch. After a short 7 hour drive I arrived at the track at around 2am our time. Unfortunately we lost the bracing for the water tank under the trailer on the way down there and it fell off as soon as we back into our spot so we had an eventful night.

I woke up early to get a little bit of track walk in to see the the terrain and lay out of everything to only learn that the track was just a bit under 8 miles with a lot of hills of rocks so I could’t bike it and I wouldn’t have enough time to walk it so I decided to just go into the first lap blind.

After working all morning to get the car ready to tech and race, walking around the pits and talking to other drivers, it was go time!
I had my Girlfriend ride with me in this race and it was her first ever time being in a SxS. She wasn’t ready and next time we’ll be more prepared for her too.

Starting on the 2nd row of the Pro Turbo class in my Polaris XP 1000 was exciting considering I had half the horsepower of all the cars I’d be starting with. The first row took off One and a half minutes before my row did so I knew if I could get out front it would be a while before I could catch them which meant open and clean track. It had rained in the morning which had eliminated the dust and the track conditions were literally perfect.

Andy, the owner of AXCC and the flagman dropped the board and we were off, I rocketed off the line way before all of the other cars around me and I made it to the first corner before all of the other cars.. unfortunately I pushed too wide and Kyle Chaney stole the hole shot from me, I battled off another X3 to the fence and went into the woods right behind Kyle. I stuck to his rear bumper for as long as I could (half of the first lap) until my car made some awful popping noise in the front and I slowed my pace a bit. By this time Kyle and I had gapped the rest of our group. The track was extremely technical and tight with TONS of rocks.. and I mean TONS of them. There were chunks of tires and wheels everywhere. After the 3rd lap most of the drivers had been slowed or taken out of the race from tire and wheel failures but I continued chugging on with no issues, by this time I was in the lead overall by adjusted time.

By lap 5 with dads careful pit boarding and my extremely consistent pace I had moved into a comfortable 30 second lead.. or so we thought. After I went through the timing gate to finish my final lap and was gone for a couple minutes, another driver came through the gate and diminished my lead to a measly 6 seconds. Dad hopped on someones four wheeler and rode on the back to try and catch up and tell me I was about to lose my lead. Luckily while I was out on the track continuing with my smooth pace I heard another car closing up on the rear of me and I decided it was all or nothing now. I put the hammer down and increased my pace closer to that of the first laps pace and was able to gap the other driver who had caught back up to me. At this time I managed to reel in the physical leader of the race and battled with him the last 1/4 of the lap. By this time my co-pilots neck had basically given out so she was really struggling so I didn’t do anything too crazy and just fell in behind him. We hit the final stretch of the track, a wide open field section and I couldn’t do anything to the physical leader due to the significant difference in horse powers and while I was busy putting my foot through the floor to make it go faster I was passed by the driver who was putting the chase on in the woods earlier on that lap. We battled to the finish line but I couldn’t do anything and finished physically in 3rd place overall.. but with time adjustment I had just won the race by 1 minute and 14 seconds.

It felt pretty good to go back out in the 2019 season and win two back to back XC races in One weekend and for One of those raced to be the FIRST ever UTV race held at Loretta Lynns it was extra special.

After further inspection of the car after the race I did not cut a single tire on my car or break a wheel. All of 4 of them were holding air. The only thing damaged after the race was my co-pilots neck and shoulders and all of the nobbies on the tires.. brand new tires reduced to almost no tread in one race, a testament of just how rough the track actually was and how strong the OTR WIzzards and HP-009, OMF Wheel combo really is.

Truly a weekend to remember and something that soon won’t be forgotten. I definitely proved we run the best products on the market! Collin Truett (follow collin on instagram @CollinTruett)

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Photo cred to Garrett Hamilton and Dirt Nation Magazine

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