Tire Spotlight Series: Outrigger®

This Tire Spotlight is from our industrial tires, our OTR Outrigger®, the second tire ever designed by OTR Wheel Engineering’s engineering team. The Outrigger® tire design features state of the art, self cleaning, and a directional tread. This supreme construction tire is specifically designed for use in the aerial lift industry. The Outrigger® is the Original Equipment tire of choice for JLG and Genie lifts. It is an innovative design for improved stability.

An innovative design for improved stability!

The Outrigger® tire line is OTR’s most popular industrial tire due to its excellent design and long history of superior performance in a wide variety of equipment applications! The rim guard and extra shoulder width provide the tire with impact protection and resistance to cuts and punctures.

Features of the Outrigger®

  • Directional R4 tread designed provide good traction in a variety of ground operating conditions.
  • Wider tire lugs designed to give maximum surface contact.
  • Rubber compound blend that is chip and cut resistant.
  • Flat profile tire design which provides more surface contact area resulting in longer tire life and increased stability in applications where required.
  • Rim Guard design with heavy tire side walls which protects the rim flange and protection from side wall penetration.
  • Tires reduced inside cavity space means the tire uses approximately one third less foam fill than conventional tires of the same outside diameter which saves the owner/operator money
  • The HBR (High Bead Ratio) version of the design has a shortened sidewall while maintaining a standard tire’s outside diameter. The benefit is a tire with a shorter stiff sidewall that results in less tire deflection and outstanding stability for lift equipment with a high center of gravity.


Sizes for The OTR Outrigger®

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