Amazing Backhoe Trick Video Plus Safety Tips

//Amazing Backhoe Trick Video Plus Safety Tips

Amazing Backhoe Trick Video Plus Safety Tips


Pretty much everyone has seen a backhoe in operation at some point in their life. They have a wide variety of uses, therefore they permeate the world of industrial machinery. What everyone probably hasn’t seen is a backhoe driver with the sheer level of skill that the one in the above video has. It is evident that that operator has put his all into learning his craft, which is very admirable. In case this video has inspired you to also dedicate time and effort to the task of learning this very same craft, we have compiled some resources outlining backhoe riding basics as well as safety procedures. Also, no matter what skill level you are at, we do not condone nor recommend attempting the trick that the operator in the video accomplished. While what he did was cool, it was was dangerous for him and for his backhoe.

The following is a list of ten helpful safety tips compiled by the Heavy Equipment School for both experienced and inexperienced backhoe operators. Please take a moment to read through them below!

  • Always wear a seatbelt when you are operating the machine.
  • Do not allow your co-workers to ride in the equipment.
  • Keep any bystanders clear of your equipment while it is operation.
  • Stick to the manufacturers rated capacity.
  • Never allow anyone under the arm of the backhoe or to pass anything through the arms of the backhoe.
  • Do not set up on loose or soft ground, it could cause the backhoe to overbalance.
  • Ensure that everyone is clear of the machine when starting the equipment.
  • Ensure that the machine is well maintained.
  • Wear your hard hat and hearing protection.
  • The boom should always be centered and raised during transportation.

If you are looking to learn how to operate a backhoe, we have managed to find an incredibly helpful backhoe beginners guide from Popular Mechanics. It goes fairly in depth explaining the basic operations of a backhoe, and even includes some helpful safety tips. We recommend you read this one along with the other resources below!

For more in depth safety guidelines and tips, please check out this CDC backhoe loader safety document and this safety guide from

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