Outrigger on Prototype MowerMax

//Outrigger on Prototype MowerMax

Outrigger on Prototype MowerMax

OTR Tire and Wheel on a Prototype MowerMax

Established in 2001 by Tim Ward and his father, David Ward Jr., MowerMax Equipment Co. began building compact equipment for the landscaping and construction industries that would greatly improve the productivity and profitability of companies. After 10 years of research and development, MowerMax Equipment Co. have two product lines: The MowerMax and the MaxAttach. View more information about MowerMax Equipment Co. here: MowerMax Equipment Co.

OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. and one of our sister companies has partnered with MowerMax Equipment Co. to place our 18/625 Outrigger tires and 24.5×15 wheels on a prototype MowerMax Boom Mower. This particular prototype is larger than the MowerMax Boom Mower. These machines are intended to mow the sides of highways where the grass is tall, inclined areas, and heavy over growth of trees.

Designed specifically to be the most productive commercial/industrial mower on the market, the MowerMax mowers have five main attributes that set them apart from other mowers:

  • Extraordinary Maneuverability
  • Exceptional Visibility
  • Excellent Mowing Capabilities
  • Easy Transportability
  • Extra Durability

For more information or if you want to purchase our Outrigger, view the product here: OTR Outrigger.

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