OTR Women’s Appreciation Day 2017 – Media Gallery

OTR’s Management Council held the Women’s Appreciation Day event on May 1st and 2nd 2017. The event started with rooftop dinner and presentation from our very own Fred Taylor at La Scala Mediterranean Bistro in Downtown Rome, GA.

The main event was held at the OTR Farm House. This was a team building event that included a special coaching session from Jacquelyn Bsharah on empowering women and working together as a team. Archery, ATV/SXS riding, fishing, skeet shooting, and even sumo wrestling took place.

OTR Wheel Engineering would like to thank all of its employees, Men and Women, who work hard everyday to make this such a great company! We’re only as good as our people!

Below you will see a gallery of pictures from the event:

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