OTR Wheel Engineering: Mining Wheels

OTR Wheel Engineering is a worldwide distributor and manufacturer of mining wheels. We design, develop and manufacture mining wheels ranging from 20-63inches in diameter for underground and open-pit operations.

We manufacture rims and wheels for various types of earthmoving and mining equipment, including;

  • Haul Trucks
  • Front End Loader
  • Scrapers
  • Graders
  • Battery Haulers
  • LHDs
  • Underground Mining Equipment

It’s essential for mining wheels to be strong, durable and reliable. They need to be able to support the equipment and the handling of valuable resources. Our wheels are proven heavy duty, made with high quality, high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel. Our mining wheels are engineered to perform exceptionally, and built to endure the toughest of mining’s harsh conditions. The quality of our wheels is just as important as our service. Our mining wheels are custom made to our customer’s needs. Our designs are compatible with all current designs in the market place.

Our mining wheels have been running in a variety of countries for over 20 years. Our worldwide clientele includes customers in the US, Canada, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Kazakhstan, South Africa and Australia. We take pride in the diversity of our customers and wide range of locations, which contributes to our company’s continuous growth and development. We have distribution points located in the US, Canada, China, Australia and Europe. Regardless of the range of distribution, we have a fully supported network of credible and reputable partners to keep our customer’s well taken care of.

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Wheel Inspection – Repair and Recertification Services

We have been in the business of inspecting, repairing, recertifying wheels since 1994. We have access to factory sections, special discs, technical specifications and engineering support to repair, recondition and recertify wheels used in earthmoving, mining, forestry, heavy duty off road truck and industrial applications. Customers utilizing our inspection and repair services include excavating companies, surface mines, underground mines, quarry operations, timber harvesters, steel mills, service companies and a variety of other heavy industrial applications.

We now have eight strategic locations which will accommodate your business. This enables us to provide you with a quick turnaround, minimal downtime on equipment and help to ensure employee safety. We are very proud of the unique Tracking Program we have developed. Each wheel is tracked by serial number, stamped, tracked by wheel position on the machine, hours of service and any maintenance actions performed. This program was developed specifically for OTR Wheel Canada while working with one of the largest mines in North America and is recommended by the Ministry of Labour.

Why Choose OTR Wheel Engineering?

OTR WHEEL ENGINEERING, INC. opened in 1987 in Rome, GA as a small wheel shop with Mr. Fred Taylor at its helm. For more than 30 years, we have met with success not only in our unprecedented expansion both domestically and worldwide, but also as an innovator of tire and wheel technology. Our engineering support team is able to work with clients to develop new products and/or enhance existing processes. Currently, we hold five tire patents and offer more than 300 tread types and sizes. Moreover, with a full range of manufacturing capability, we are able to roll our own material thus eliminating our dependence on foreign sources. For years, our business model as a tire and wheel integrator has proven successful. With domestic and global procurement capability and resources to open facilities for just-in-time delivery to our customers, we are prepared to meet all your needs. With a focus on the customer, our solid relationships will sustain our business for years to come.

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