OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. Partners With Hutchinson

//OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. Partners With Hutchinson

OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. Partners With Hutchinson

OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. and Hutchinson announce a strategic partnership to offer Tire Saver Shield™ integrated with OTR Steel Wheels for the construction, mining, and industrial markets.

Trenton, New Jersey (February 1st, 2015) – Hutchinson Industries, Inc. and OTR Wheel Engineering have signed a licensing and distribution agreement to offer the Tire Saver Shield™ integrated with OTR steel wheels for the construction, mining, and industrial markets. The Tire Saver Shield ™ protects tire sidewalls from punctures, saving money spent on replacement tires and vehicle down time. OTR Wheel Engineering, based in Rome GA, is a world leader in the manufacturing, distribution, and engineering of OTR “off-the-road” tires and steel wheels with facilities in the United States, Canada, Europe, and China. The partnership couples OTR Wheel Engineering world-class steel wheels with Hutchinson’s experience in tire sidewall protection for the U.S. defense market along with its high quality manufacturing processes and facilities in New Jersey and New York.

The OTR Wheel Engineering “exchange program” is tailor-made for the demands of this market by allowing the industry to purchase “swap” assemblies at a discounted price with the mounting for the tire shield incorporated into the wheel. This integration allows the Hutchinson Tire Saver Shield™ to be easily mounted and dismounted. Once in place the Tire Saver Shield™, made of a “military grade” high strength material, provides a level of sidewall protection never seen in this industry, or any other. This protection level will save the end user significant dollars by greatly reducing tire replacement costs, eliminating downtime and lost production, and most importantly keeping the vehicle moving.

Hutchinson Industries, Inc. is the world’s leader in supplying light-weight aluminum wheels, runflats, beadlocks, tire shields, wheel assemblies, and self-sealing fuel tanks for military, commercial, and security vehicles. Hutchinson mobility products are on almost every vehicle in the U.S. military from HMMWVs and MRAPs to Strykers, LAVs, and logistics trucks. “We are very excited to work with OTR Wheel Engineering,” said Olivier Marsaly, CEO of Hutchinson Industries. “We are two organizations with very similar business models and a common goal of saving money for our customers.”

OTR Wheel Engineering is engaged in the fabrication and distribution of wheels, tires, and mounted tire/wheel assemblies used on “off the road” equipment. OTR produces high quality products to meet customer requirements on a global scale. OTR is an ISO 9001 certified company.
OTR Wheel Engineering, Owner and President Fred Taylor. “OTR Wheel is always looking at producibility enhancements for our customers. The Hutchinson Tire Saver Shield is one more option for our industrial customers to reduce the risk of flats and down time.”

For more information, please contact Hutchinson’s Director of Sales and Marketing, David Kritzell, at dkritzell@hutchinsoninc.com, (609) 802-5480 or OTR Wheel Engineering’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing-Industrial Division, Jeff Williams at jeff.williams@otrwheel.com , (706)235-9781.

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