OTR Racing Update

This past weekend was the 4th round of the Mideast Racing Series. It took place at the Tiger Run track in Union, South Carolina. We at OTR, as usual, are SO proud of our talented racer’s accomplishments! Jaime McCoy, our sponsored driver from GForce Racing, finished in 1st placing him 1st overall in this round! Congrats Jaime!  Collin Truett, from Truett Racing, followed closely behind him in 2nd, taking the 2nd overall spot. Followed by Mitch Truett, in 4th. Keep making us proud!

Here’s the race report from Stephanie Truett, Truett Racing;

I rode with Collin yesterday so when I say this track was rough, it’s from experience! Turn one was really short and narrow and immediately dropped into the woods. That is an unusual setup for most tracks that Mideast build for us, so I was very nervous about our lineup going into the woods. When the green flag flew Collin turned the switch on his car only it didn’t crank so he had to try again, I knew for sure we were in trouble but evidently your mind thinks things are longer than they actually are. When it was said and done Collin was right behind Mitch going into the woods who was right behind Jamie McCoy! Mitch struggled getting through the tight stuff so Jamie was able to distance himself from us but after some woo woo’s Mitch realized it was us behind him and went right at a fork and we went left with Kyle Chaney right on our heels. Next to the end of lap 1, in a very technical zig zag section, Collin had caught back up to Jamie and took the exact same line as Jamie but somehow we wedged ourselves between 2 trees and it took forever (23 seconds to be exact) to get out. By this time Kyle had gotten around us and now we’re scrambling to make up time. By the 2 lap board Kyle had broken out and we were chasing Jamie down. On the last lap, almost in the exact same spot as wet got stuck on lap 1, Mideast had put up tape marking off the area from passage when we were on Jamie’s tail. He slammed on the breaks, I thought he had hit a tree, but he threw his car in reverse to keep from busting through the tape. The main line had previously been where the ribbon was now. Having his car already pointed in that direction Collin just blew the ribbon and drag raced Jamie to the last corner. Having the inside lane and 1/2 a car length on him Collin thought this would salvage his winning streak. We came through checkered flag technically 1st but we were docked (understandably) our position and given 2nd place back. It was a heck of a show for the spectators though 😉

Mitch has his car dialed in on dead engine starts. He lined up on the far left of a funneled into corner, almost the worst position you can have but somehow he pulled it off. His street bike days, 21 years ago, got him used to high speeds so going fast has never bothered him. But you throw off camber, narrow paths and trees all around into the mix and you have some preservation of the car going on. Mitch didn’t realize we went into the woods right behind him, he thought it was a different car but when he heard my familiar woo woo he pushed himself harder and started looking for a place to let us go by. He actually had to back up to pull back onto the trail and didn’t see anyone close so he was running 4th now. We had noticed a hotline in the woods on our walk but no one took it on lap 1 so on lap 2 Mitch didn’t either but Trevor did. Mitch thought he still beat him where the 2 lines meet so he didn’t let off and Trevor caught his rear tire, Mitch hit a tree and Scottie Lawrence got around them both! Mitch and Trevor batted until the zig zag section where Mitch didn’t notice the track worker signaling to stay left missing 2 zig zags, Mitch took the zig zags loosing 45 seconds! He was never able to make the time up he lost thus giving him the 4th in class.

Emily actually loved this track because of the slow technical areas. She was rolling around on lap 1 running a good pace, passing back and forth for 1st place. Right before this fabulous zig zag section, that we have posted about with other updates, there is a small straight away that gives you some speed. Emily slammed on the brakes and smacks into a tree ending her day. They did let her push her car across the finish line so she got 1 lap and didn’t have to take a DNF.”

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Now its time to get ready for the next round of the GNCC Racing Series! This weekend, April 21-22, the 5th round will take place at the Camp Coker track in Society Hill, South Carolina. Click here for general information about the track, schedule and directions.

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