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OTR Racing has put our tires to the test this year in racing! Our partner, Truett Racing, took home the 2018 GNCC Racing Single Seat Championship, defending their title from 2017! In the round, Collin Truett finished second, and his father, Mitch Truett, took 3rd, but overall, Collin won the championship! First place of the round was taken by another OTR Racing team member, John Baughman! OTR Wheel Engineering tires swept the podium!

Now, as the Mideast Racing Series UTV Races came to an end, Collin Truett with Truett Racing, took home ANOTHER championship win! Collin finished first in the round, and his father, Mitch Truett finished in 3rd. Collin took home the UTV Pro Class Championship with our Wizzard® and HP-009 tires! Congrats to Truett Racing, and thank you for showing off our championship worthy tires!


Here is the race report from the 2018 Ironman GNCC Race from Truett Racing;


Truett Racing

2018 Ironman GNCC Race

Crawfordsville Indiana Saturday October 27

“As most of you know, Truett Racing went into the very last UTV race with GNCC with a lot on the line.  We had not wrapped up the championship for the Single seat class or the UXC2 Pro class.  We had a 3 point lead in SSXC and a 7 point lead in UXC2.  The goal was simple in the Single Seat class, finish on the podium and we had it wrapped up.  Mitch obviously had his own goal, he wanted a father/son podium at a GNCC race. Mitch made it to the podium at round 2, and this was the ONLY time Collin wasn’t on the podium in the Single Seat class!  Mitch almost always gets the holeshot but with Collin getting to the line a full hour before the race started he got the best line. Mitch’s Rs-1 didn’t arrive at the track till 3am and had to be left outside the gate (as it closes at midnight).  So bright and early we were up getting ready, Mitch between bathroom stops (nerves) had to get his car in the gate and get it tech’d for the race, which took place at 9:30.  Temps were in high 30’s and it wasn’t daylight till 8am so being outside wasn’t our favorite place to be! We were ready to get the party started and wrap up a Championship.  We were lucky enough to have Scott Peck and Julianna come and cheer us on and spend the day with us.  Julianna had a blast writing words of encouragement on the Pit board for the boys! 

Green flag drops and 14 cars all head for turn 1.  Collin once again has the perfect line and is first to turn 1 with Mitch right on his heels.  They drag race to turn 2 and Collin once again has the inside.  While some very fast guys fall in behind them scrambling for their position it gets a little scary diving into the woods for the first tight section!  Collin enters the woods first with John Baughman, who is also running OTR tires following close behind him. Mitch holds onto his good start and rolls into the woods 3rd.  John and Collin battle for the lead right up to the checker flag while Mitch holds on tightly to his 3rd place! After a couple laps it becomes obvious no one can put up a real challenge to take away the last podium spot from Mitch so he can relax a little and just have some fun.  Even all of us standing on the sidelines knew for this entire race he was having a blast!  You simply MUST go watch the video on Collin’s YouTube account, it is hilarious!  Checkered flag drops and we have an OTR podium.  John Baughman in 1st, Collin in 2nd and Mitch in 3rd!  It was a good morning!!!!

Bring on the 4pm race, we are going for 2 Championships remember.  Once again, 4pm can’t come soon enough.  Everything we have worked for all year, the good the bad and the ugly all came down to this one last race.  If you have ever heard in the boxing world, never let it come down to a decision, well, we are here to tell you, in the racing world, never let it come down to a decision.  We line up on row 4, nervous as a cat.  Hoping and praying we have done everything we possibly can to make sure the car finishes the race.  Collin knowing some past mistakes have put him dangerously low in points, knows it is all about smart choices and staying calm under pressure.  Green flag drops and off we go, Collin battles for the very important hole shot and leads the 5 car row into the woods. Everything goes as planned in the beginning and we finish lap 1 with still leading. The #2 guy in points is still right on our heels tho.  We are usually able to gap them all just a little but not today. He was very determined to keep Collin in site.  His game plan started paying off for him half way thru Lap 2 when we start hitting the slower lap traffic.  The last race of the year always brings out more racers and most of these racers are simply out there for fun so pulling over just doesn’t enter their brain.  The first person we run into causes us to make a mistake and lose our lead position. Not only does he block our path, he then pulls out in between us and our challenger and simply refuses to let us go by.  We know it wasn’t intentional, but you couldn’t have scripted a block play any better! We finally get by him going into lap 3, but now we are running in 2nd  with no view of the guy we need to beat,  We try and not panic, just drive our pace and reel him back in.  Cards are just not in our luck today though as not only our communication system goes out so does our Horn! person after person we catch up to just is getting harder and harder to get around them.  Without a functioning horn, we simply can’t get people to pull over and let us race our pace.  Mitch is letting us know how much time we need to make up by a pit board. By lap 4 he has -30 on the board meaning we are 30 seconds down.  On lap 5, he has -15 meaning we have cut that time in half, so we could still pull this off!!

This particular track layout had a hundred foot long one lane bridge going across the river and up to the Motocross section. We were within striking distance when we got to this bridge on the last lap too.  We come up to 2 lanes of cars trying to get onto the bridge and one goes left and one goes right.  We go in behind the guy going left because he seems to be on the gas harder.  But, he is going left to simply get out of the way so he just stops!  There we set behind him, we are loosing valuable second after valuable second for our championship run. Remember, our horn isn’t working at this point, and he doesn’t realize it’s someone from the Pro class behind him so he just takes his own sweet time getting out of our way.  By the time we get around him, we have lost too many of those valuable seconds.  Seconds, yes seconds is all it takes to loose these races in Pro class.   We cross the line 6.5 seconds behind where we need to finish for this Championship.  Kyle Hart, a past short course champion now sits Tied in the points with us. Remember when I said it is never good to let someone else decide your year end results. Kyle and Collin both earned a total of 118 class points and since both also had 2 class wins each this season, the race director let this race decide who would be crown #1 and #2.  Collin knew he was defeated and had just lost the championship in this class. Champions never like losing and defeat is a hard pill to swallow.  I patted him on the leg and said, Well, it just wasn’t our race to win. You did all you could do, don’t feel bad (for too long anyway).  I exited the car to give him some alone time and went over to shake Kyle’s hand.  After a few minutes alone, Collin also came over to congratulate Kyle.  They both know they will be racing each other for years to come too!  Cleaning up our pit area wasn’t near as fun as it could have been but we didn’t hang our heads too low for long. We walked away with 1 championship when we could have walked away with None.  We are blessed and we are not taking anything for granted.  Without the help of all of you from OTR and our other sponsors we couldn’t have the phenomenal success we have had.  We just expect more from ourselves and hate to disappoint.  Hey, if you aren’t striving to do better you aren’t growing!  We are already planning our next championship run too!”

*** Photos taken by Harlen Foley


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