OTR is Proud to Introduce our Racer Contingency Program!

Become a part of the OTR Racing team, and get PAID to win! You could win up to $3,000!!!

Why choose OTR Racing over the competitors?

OTR is 31 years old and we do all types of tires from Lawn & Garden, PowerSports, Construction, Agricultural, Material Handling, etc… We are well rounded in our knowledge so know what we’re doing when it comes to tires! We also supply PowerSport OE’s such as Honda and Kubota and recently got awarded Odes and Suzuki. Kawasaki, Yamaha and Can-Am are testing now so we are working hard to expand our OE presence in PowerSports. We are a global company doing $300 Million in Sales and have grown 40% this year. Our tires have proven to be CHAMPIONSHIP worthy as we hold the 2017 GNCC single seat champion win and our current sponsored racers continue to consistently make us proud. We like to say, Dare to Compare!

Here are some photos of our successful and talented sponsored racers from some of 2018’s events;

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In order to become a PAID OTR Racer, here are the steps to take;

Here are the racer requirments;

  • 8 racers minimum in your race class
  • OTR Wheel Engineering race logo (at least 3 of them; must be visible from outside the car) on car (12″ x12″ or bigger)
  • OTR wheel Engineering logo on helmet (3″ x 3″ or bigger)
  • Post mentions on social media pre-race, during race, and after race
  • Post and mentions on social media in general 4 times per month (or more)
  • All for tires must be OTR Wheel Engineering Brand
  • Purchase OTR tires from one of our approved resellers
  • 10-99 form may be required
  • if you fail to meet any of these criteria, you will not be eligible to recieve any panyment from OTR Wheel Engineering

Go to otrwheel.com/RACING for more info!

OTR’s most popular UTV racing tires are the Wizzard® tires and Hp-009’s. Go to otrwheel.com to check out all of our power-sport products!


We look forward to seeing our tires in future racers!

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