OTR Racing Race Report

2018 Heartland Challenge

GBC Motorsports describes the Heartland Challenge as the most extreme and challenging ATV/UTV endurance race in the country. With HOURS of straight racing, it’s certainly safe to say it takes some serious skill and courage to withstand. The UTV race was a 4 hour challenge, and OTR Racing had several sponsored racers participating in the event. One of OTR Wheel Engineering’s racing teams was Truett Racing, a racing family consisting of Collin, Alex, Mitch and Stephanie Truett. Collin and Alex Truett decide to team up for this extreme challenge. Also part of the OTR Racing team, Robert Boynton and John Baughman, teamed up to take on the challenge as well. Throughout this challenge, OTR Wheel Engineering’s tires proved their excellence and their racers showed off their skill and endurance.

Here’s the report on Truett Racing;

Truett Racing traveled about 1000 miles to Carlisle, Iowa from their home in Nebo, North Carolina, making it one of the longest trips they’ve ever made to race. They made it down, and on Friday August 17th, they went to check out the track and described the weather as “very hot” and the track “very dry.”

The Truett’s are big on strategizing and did lots of planning days, and even minutes, before the race. Mitch commented,

“One of our strengths has always been pre-race prep and strategy. I had personally gotten this car ready because Collin and Alex were traveling for other races. I took a couple days and went over everything very thoroughly because I knew a 4 hour race with this many cars would make for very rough track conditions.”

As 7 pm rolled around, 86 cars lined up in 5 rows. The 1000cc class consisted of 32 vehicles, Collin Truett being one of them, with his brother and Co-pilot, Alex Truett. Certainly, they knew it would be a very fast and competitive 4 hours of racing.

Collin was able to get off the line very good, as usual, and lead the entire 32 car field into the woods with his OTR HP-009 and Wizzard® tires. He was able to settle into a clean, brisk pace, which was part of their plan. They knew they would have some pretty good competition, but they also knew and understood that holding a pace for 4 hours is a whole different game. Collin led for three laps, and then fell back to second for a few laps. Even though it was not part of their plan to fall back and get passed, it was their plan to maintain their pace.

As it started to get dark, they started running into some issues. Before the race, the team decided to tape over Collin’s light bars to protect them from mud and rocks. Unfortunately, his lack of light in the woods quickly dropped him back to 3rd around the 1 hour mark. He had to pull off into the pits and remove the tape. After the light issue was resolved, Collin quickly picked up the pace and raced back into 2nd before the 2 hour mark.

They knew his car could make it 2 hours on one full tank of fuel in flat out racing speeds, so with this track having some slower woods sections, they discussed Collin going to the 2 and half hour mark if he wasn’t in first by Pit stop time. As luck would have it, the race leader, at the 2 hour mark, was pitted right beside them. So when he pulled in for his fuel stop, Collin was able to see this. Collin put the pedal down and picked up the pace this lap because not only was he now in the lead, he also knew he would be stopping for fuel the next lap around!

As he came up on the next lap, Collin pulled in, got water, fueled up and was out of there in less than a minute!

He had a 2+ minute lead after the 3 hour mark so he had a little time to relax his pace some. Each lap he came around, Mitch showed him what his lead time was over 2nd place was. 2nd place was able to get a little closer than what the Truett’s were comfortable with, but in the last two laps, Collin picked his pace back up and ended the race in 1st place with a 1 minute, 32 second lead. Bumping up the pace on the last couple laps also earned him a 3rd over-all!

It was obvious the boys were physically exhausted after this race. Alex said he basically had to use his hands to hold his helmet still the last couple laps because his neck muscles just gave out. At one point Alex even said to Collin, “This is it, this is how I am going to die!”

Mitch adds,

“Winning always makes it worth the effort, though. So since this was also a good pay-out race, we decided to let Collin and Alex split the $2000 winnings. With or without the winnings, they were all smiles after the race because after all, who doesn’t want a golden corn cob and big check to hold to have your picture made!”

Congratulations Truett Racing!


Here’s the report on OTR Racing’s sponsored racers, Robert Boynton and John Baughman;

Competitors become teammates to chase the chance to achieve perfection at the Iowa Heartland Challenge this past weekend.

John Baughman from WV Team PirateMx Powersports and Robert Boynton from NJ Team Ocean County Powersports teamed up in a Polaris Rs1 for the Heartland Challenge.

John Baughman had high expectations coming into the Heartland Challenge this year as John was the 2017 Ace 900xc Champion. He knew that dust and fatigue could come into play as a major role in the overall winner of the event. A couple of weeks prior to the event he contacted Robert looking to partner up and go after a win for their sponsors OTR Tire, GForce Suspension and Crash Addict Industries. John knew from past racing experiences, Robert was a competitive driver and could get the job done. Robert said he was excited for the opportunity, it was something he had heard a lot about, but being so far away had not yet tried.

John and Robert were racing in the UTV RS1 class and they had a plan, but as usual, there were ups and downs along the way. They started the race with the hole-shot and in the first hour were running in the top 4 overall. Shortly after the first driver switch at the hour and 15 minute mark, an axle broke. They were stuck for 45 minutes on a steep uphill with no rear wheel drive until a course worker was able to pull them up. Once back to the pits, they changed the axle, switched drivers again, and headed back out to the race course. Then, about hour later, another axle broke! Luckily, this time, they were close to pits and able to limp the machine over to change the second broken axle. After the final driver switch, they pushed through to the end of the race. The racing team completed 15 laps during the 4-hour Heartland Challenge and finished in 3rd place.

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Attention Racers!

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