Escape to the Outdoors with OTR Powersports Tires on your ATV/UTV

For all outdoors-lovers, thrill seekers and powersports enthusiasts, OTR has the right tire for all of your endless outdoor and off road adventures. Unforgettable experiences, thrilling adventures and the simple, yet exhilarating, rush of fresh air are just some what you get out of riding your ATV or UTV. Whether you are handling some of the toughest outside jobs, tackling extreme hunts, spending quality time on fishing trips with the family, or racing through muddy dirt trails with your friends, you’ll need a tire that is reliable and will perform no matter what land you tread on. OTR has a collection of powersport products with the durability, reliability and performance for any tough terrain, outdoor endeavor or breathtaking exploration. 

Here are some of our popular PowerSport products;


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The OTR Wizzard® bias cut is a heavy duty tire for your most demanding side by side application. The non-directional tread design delivers great traction in all types of terrain. The six ply construction delivers serious puncture resistance and its deep lugs continue over the shoulder for sidewall protection. The shoulder lugs protect the sidewall. Its radial construction will provide both recreational riders and ATV racers shock absorbing ride quality and comfort.


The OTR HP 009 is designed to give ultimate performance with side by side lug to void tweaked to give the perfect balance of traction, steering response, and mud cleaning. Shoulder lugs protect the tires sidewall and rim. Directional tread pattern with deep lugs excels in loose to intermediate terrains.


The OTR HP 007 is a Directional “V” angled tread design and promotes excellent cleaning for better traction over a wide range of terrain, light mud, dirt, gravel and hard pack. Tread lugs overlap the centerline for a smoother ride. Deep wrap around shoulder lugs for outstanding steering response.



The TM-440 is OTR’s newest ATV tire. Its is designed with directional off road all-terrain tread for performance. Its
Aggressive Tread Design is much like its predecessor, the 440 Mag, but with added mud breakers and a dimple to one lug. The TM-440 is a Smooth Trail Rider with a superb shock absorption and stability, but with less weigh than its predecessor. It is built to UTV standard, so it supports higher inflation pressures and greater loads than standard ATV tires.

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Trail Warrior

The Trail Warrior is designed with radial construction and a flexible sidewall for less rolling resistance and longer tread life. The Trail warrior provides high void ratio for improved and exceptional traction. It is extremely durable with a 8ply rating which makes it good for high loads and tough applications.

350 Super Mag

The OTR 350 Super Mag is designed with a non-directional tread pattern to reduce rolling resistance as well as road noise in order to maximize comfort while riding. The 350 Super Mag provides superb traction and wear characteristics on various terrain. It is extremely durable, thanks to rubber compounds that enable it to be very resistant to abrasion which in turn makes it last longer while in use on hard surfaces. The 350 Super Mag is built to RTV vehicle standards and supports greater load ratings than most marketplace ATV tires today.

Why Choose OTR?

OTR Wheel Engineering has been working hard to expand our presence in power sports. We supply PowerSport OE’s such as Honda and Kubota and recently got awarded Odes and Suzuki. Kawasaki, Yamaha and Can-Am are testing now so we are making a lot of progress. We are a global company doing $300 Million in Sales and have grown 40% this year. Our power sport tires have proven to be CHAMPIONSHIP worthy, as we hold the 2017 GNCC single seat champion win with our Wizzard® tires. Our current sponsored racers on our OTR Racing team continue to consistently make us proud and show off the reliability and performance of our tires.

We like to say, Dare to Compare!

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Attention Racers!

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