OTR Outrigger® Spotlight

//OTR Outrigger® Spotlight

OTR Outrigger® Spotlight

OTR Outrigger®

The OTR Outrigger® tire is the second tire ever designed by OTR Wheel Engineering’s engineering team. The Outrigger tire line is OTR’s most popular industrial tire due to its excellent design and long history of superior performance in a wide variety of equipment applications!

This supreme construction tire is specifically designed for use in the aerial lift industry. The Outrigger is the Original Equipment tire of choice for JLG and Genie lifts. It’s design features state of the art, self cleaning, directional tread. It is an innovative design for improved stability.

The Outrigger tire’s main design features/benefits are:

  • Directional R4 tread designed provide good traction in a variety of ground operating conditions.
  • Wider tire lugs designed to give maximum surface contact.
  • Rubber compound blend that is chip and cut resistant.
  • Flat profile tire design which provides more surface contact area resulting in longer tire life and increased stability in applications where required.
  • Rim Guard design with heavy tire side walls which protects the rim flange and protection from side wall penetration.
  • Tires reduced inside cavity space means the tire uses approximately one third less foam fill than conventional tires of the same outside diameter which saves the owner/operator money
  • The HBR (High Bead Ratio) version of the design has a shortened sidewall while maintaining a standard tire’s outside diameter. The benefit is a tire with a shorter stiff sidewall that results in less tire deflection and outstanding stability for lift equipment with a high center of gravity.




Check out our OTR Outrigger here or call to order or for more info at (706) 235-9781


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