North Shore Wheel is now OTR

//North Shore Wheel is now OTR

North Shore Wheel is now OTR

North Shore Wheel is now OTR Wheel Engineering

We are excited to announce that on March 1, 2017, North Shore Wheel will become OTR Wheel Engineering, Canada.

While the name change is new, the partnership with OTR Wheel Engineering is anything but. North Shore Wheel became part of the OTR Group back in 1996; however remained independent in nature and name. The time has now come to brand North Shore Wheel using OTR’s name and fully integrate the businesses, more specifically in the sales and marketing sectors.

North Shore’s new name will reflect their global presence and full acknowledgement as a proud member of the OTR Wheel Engineering Group. This name change allows North Shore to incorporate OTR’s corporate name recognition into their business activities. North Shore’s operations today have become more global in nature and include product lines beyond where they began under North Shore Industrial Wheel Mfg. back in 1987.

With 30 years of business presence in the industry, North Shore Wheel are looking forward to continuing our growth and serving you in the global market under the OTR Wheel Engineering Group.

Should you have any questions regarding this name change, please feel free to call our toll free number: 1-888-77WHEEL (l-888-779-4335)

We look forward to supporting our North Shore Wheel customers as OTR Wheel Engineering in the future.

Be sure to follow OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. on the following sites:

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