Longs Wheel is now OTR

//Longs Wheel is now OTR

Longs Wheel is now OTR

Longs Wheel Is Now OTR Wheel

Longs Wheel & Rim is now  OTR Wheel Engineering

We are pleased to announce that on February 1, 2017, Long’s Wheel & Rim will become OTR Wheel Engineering, Jacksonville, Florida.

We have our corporate office in Rome, Ga, with many other locations across the nation and other parts of the world. We will be able to support our new branch in Jacksonville in many ways to help provide better service and quality to its customers.

While the name change is new, the partnership with OTR Wheel Engineering is anything but. Longs Wheel has been affiliated with OTR Wheel since 2014.

Our promise to our valued customers is a seamless transition. You are our top priority and will remain so as Longs Wheel transitions to OTR wheel. All of Longs Wheels’ current employees are being retained in their respective roles. Our pricing structure will not change. The services offered by Longs in the past are still available, warranties are still on going, and our customer service is still here.

We look forward to supporting our Longs Wheel customers as OTR Wheel Engineering in the future.

Be sure to follow OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. on the following sites:

Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | Amazon Store | eBay

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  1. BENJAMIN MASOYAN February 26, 2018 at 1:10 pm - Reply

    There are many aspects of this article on which I concur with you. You have generated synapses in my brain not used often. Thank you for getting my neurons jumping.

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