How to Ready your Lawn Mower Equipment for Spring

Spring is officially one month away, and depending on where you are it might not feel like it just yet. But once warmer weather starts to get consistent, your grass will start its spring growth surge and will need mowing.

Get your mower ready with us to stay ahead of the spring surge your lawn is about to go under by going through these quick maintenance tips!

Safety First

It’s been a long winter for most, so make sure step one while you go through the rest of your maintenance checklist is removing the spark plug of your mower. Once you are done with other maintenance that the mower may need, go ahead and install a new spark plug.

Clean the Air Filter

Your mower may have a foam air filter that will need cleaning. If paper, it may be time to replace it. Open up your mower’s manual and see what kind of filter they recommend.

Clean and Wax

Get the hose out and give your mower a nice quick spray. A rag or brush is helpful in getting caked on grass and dirt from underside the mower deck and shaking off any debris. Once clean, dry it off with a rag and put a new coat of wax on your deck to keep future dirt and grass from hanging out. Amazon has a riding mower deck washer that you can check out here!

Blade Work

It’s always a good idea to check on your blade height, if the blade height is too low then they will weaken and tear your grass. Most mower’s optimum height for their blades are around 1 inch. You may also need to sharpen your blades by removing them and using a metal file to sharpen the points. If you don’t feel like you have the ability, hardware stores will most likely sharpen them for you. Make sure you look for any chips or deep cracking, it may be time to replace the blades.


If you see evidence of dry-rot, cracking, or deep cracking, replace your belts with new ones for the upcoming year.

Change the Oil and Oil your Parts

Drain your oil and replace it with the type and quantity your manual for your mower recommends. Make sure to lubricate the wheel bearings and other moving parts and wipe off any excess oils. Instructions I your vehicle’s manual may be helpful on where and what works best when oiling your parts.

Make sure you invest in good tires

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Lastly, make sure you’ve read up on our blog on what tires are going to keep your mower going for the long haul. You can find all of our lawn and garden tires here! If you have quite a few more weeks of winter ahead of you, be sure to read up on our post about using heavy machinery during winter.

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