Greenville-Pickens Speedway: Race Report

Jamie McCoy (pictured above left) places 1st, Collin Truett places 2nd, Mitch Truett places 3rd overall

The Greenville-Pickens Speedway, is the second oldest NASCAR sanctioned track, located in the upstate of South Carolina. We at OTR Wheel Engineering are proud to be sponsoring Jamie McCoy and the Truett Racing team, who both competed at the Greenville-Pickens Speedway for the Mid East UTV Pro race.

McCoy races a Can Am X3 equipped with a set of OTR Wheel Engineering Tires, our OTR Dirt Masters. McCoy is a apart of the GForce Racing team, sponsored by OTR Wheel, Can Am/BRP, GForce Racing Suspension, Big Foot Enterprises, JB Auto Works, Gates Belts, Keller Ball joints, HCR Racing, GBuilt Racing, S3 Powersports, Blud Lubricants, Performance SXS bushings, DP Brakes, Tire balls, HMF Racing, and Desert Craft.

Truett Racing is a family team with Collin competing with the brand new Polaris RZR XP Turbo and his father, Mitch, with the Polaris RS1 1000cc single seater- both equipped with a set of OTR Wheel Engineering Tires, our Wizzards and HP-009. They are sponsored by are OTR Wheel, Polaris, Walker Evans Racing, G-Force Suspension, Powerhouse Fab, 100% Moto, RCV Performance, Sparco, TireSpine, Keller Performance, SuperATV, OMF Wheels, and Shorai.

Below is a race report from GForce Racing’s Gary Hinkle and Truett Racing’s Collin and Mitch Truett on the Greenville-Pickens Speedway:

Can Am Sponsored driver #70 Jamie McCoy headed to Easley, SC to compete at the Famous Nascar Greeneville Pickens Speedway for the Mid East UTV Pro race as well as the Inaugural Infield Short Course race during the car racing night show.
McCoy put the #70 Can Am in the front off the Holeshot and never looked back. Taking a 3” diameter log getting stuck in the front of the car on lap 2, had to stop and get removed, but in the mean time had damaged the brake line and kept the Can Am rolling for the win and overall. McCoy said “ The Can Am is a great machine, go purchase Can Am machine, get GForce Racing to build the shocks, bolt on some OTR tires and come racing, more fun than should be allowed on a Saturday”.
7 P.M that night the UTV’s were allowed approximately 8-10 laps of practice on the purpose built infield with different terrain and obstacles around the course. The decision was made to run the same 4 tires that were raced to the win earlier in the day, the Hp-009 front directional tire and the Wizzard rear tire in 27×9-14 sizes. This was the perfect decision and did not disappoint in all the different terrain from concrete, asphalt, jumps, dirt, grass, mudd. No qualifying was done so a random number was drawn for start position. Jamie was given a #14 which put him in the very back for the 10 lap feature, but was able to take the Can Am X3 to the front quickly and take the win. McCoy said “This Can Am X3 was really fast and fun to drive tonight, allot of banging and bumping to get to the front, the OTR tire were hooking awesome, the gates belt was grabbing and putting power down, didn’t know if I could get to the front fast enough in the 10 laps, but Gary with GForce Racing said to put the pedal down and let it all hang out we will fix anything if needed. The Can Am X3 is tough machine and never gave up” Thanks to all those who help, without these great companies and parts wouldn’t be possible: Can AM/BRP, OTR Wheel and Tire, GForce Racing Suspension, DP Brakes, Blud Lubricants, G-Built Racing, HCR Racing, CA Technologies, S3 Powersports, Big Foot Enterprises, Performance sxs Bushings, JB Auto works, Stickman Graphx, HMF Exhaust, Gates Belts, McCoy Salvage Racing, Rival Motorsports Can Am. – Gary Hinkle

We left Early Saturday morning to head to a famous NASCAR track from the old day, the 2nd oldest NASCAR track, Greenville Pickens Speedway to race technically our 2nd but 3rd round of the MidEast Racing series.

We got to the track sometime around 10, got us a cozy parking spot with plenty of room and Jamie McCoy pulled in right behind us so it was our usual MidEast crowd. We did a quick track walk of the course, I went with Jamie and found a couple of hot lines for myself now that I have to start worrying about my dad. He did his track walk after me so we had own lines picked out. The track was pretty simple so nothing too crazy to remember, it was just a very rough track with some small rock sections and the occasional tight woods.

My brother pulled the best draw for the starting position so he got to line up before us. He was going to race my XP 1000 and Jon was going to ride with him, so not only his first time going to a race it was also his first time riding in a race… Jamie and dads cars rocketed off the line, mine struggled but I still managed a 3rd into the woods behind dad. Dad was running a set of new untuned by Gary with G-Force Fox Shocks so he had a slower pace than Jamie so he was able to gap us by a good bit. By the time dad got his suspension figured out and I did mine as well we were a good bit back. Dad and I battled for multiple laps and I tried to pass him multiple times to no luck. Finally I found a good spot to pass and it was in a tight wood section, dads weakness! I got up as close as I could and when we got near a tight left handed corner I slowed a bit, turned left sooner and busted through some brush and multiple small trees and popped out right in front of him. By this time my suspension was all but worn out so my pace slowed a good bit more than I would have liked but we definitely picked up the pace and gained good time on Jamie the last few laps but not enough for a pass.

Jamie McCoy finished first, I finished in 2nd and Dad in 3rd. It was a full OTR Tire podium sweep and the 4th place driver was running OTRs as well so it was a great weekend for OTR and I left with the Class points lead with drops!

There was also a night race put on by the GPS owners where we raced around the inside area of the speedway. A solid mix of pavement and dirt. I switched my tires to a wide set of Trail WarriorsI had grooved from my short course racing last year. I started in 9th place and by the 3rd corner of the race I had already worked my way up to 4th place. I started to pick off the leaders and finally managed to get in first and after that I was able to set up every corner perfect and basically put on a show for the fans with my comfortable lead. Thy waved the checkered flags for me after about 12 brutal laps but unfortunately I was disqualified for something I was never made aware of prior to the race so I did not win but it did get me warmed up for Short Course racing starting next month! – Collin Truett

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This weekends @mideastracing at @gpspeedway was definitely a rough one but it’s in the books. Finished 2nd place behind @jamie_mccoy70 putting me in the points lead of the Pro Class (with drops) Battled with my dad again for almost all of the race before I busted through some trees and bushes for a pass in the woods. Was definitely a hard track to pass on. Left without breaking anything in my car except a little more work for @powerhouse_fab Not first but I’ll settle for a 2nd this weekend! Thanks to my great #sponsors! @otrwheel @polarisrzr @walkerevansracing @gforceracing @powerhouse_fab @kellerperformanceproducts @ride100percent @rcvperformance @tire_spine @omfperformance @sparcousa @superatv_com @shoraipower #otrwheel #polarisrzr #walkerevansracing #gforceracing #gforcesuspension #powerhousefab #ride100percent #sparco #tirespine #shoraipower #rzr #polaris #sxs #utv #utvracing

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This was our first time ever seeing the Greenville Pickens Speedway property so the track layout was all brand new to us. Collin took off on bicycles to see the track with out me this time. I knew exactly what he was doing too, looking for places to make passes on me! I walked the track with Alex, who also decided to give the xp1000 a try for this year. He had a 5th place overall finish in the last race of the 2018 season…
The Mideast Ladies at the sign up trailer just love making us pull spoons for our starting order. We always have fun joshin and joking around with them. Today wasn’t a good spoon for me tho with a 9th starting spot. I would be picking my starting spot behind everyone except 1 other racer. Starting pick is always important, but today it was more so because we had a bunch of standing water going towards and thru turn one!
… I lined up on the very inside of (9) cars. If mine started good, I knew could squeeze my way into line going thru turns one and two. Jamie had the drier line and also runs our favorite OTR wizzard tires on the rear of his car too. His Turbo powered Maverick just edged me out as I pushed Collin a little wide entering turn one! I fell into 2nd place entering the woods!
… I swiped the shocks off our Turbo XP before this race, and they were definitely set up too stiff! I was struggling to maintain control of the car at first. It took me some time getting used to what the car was going to do, so Jamie quickly got away from me. To the tune of 14 seconds just by the end of lap one! I knew Collin would be getting very frustrated being stuck behind me so on lap two I just started pushing harder. To my surprise, the car actually handled better the harder you hit things! Its like the shocks weren’t even working till I picked up the pace to INSANE.
The first 4 laps I held Collin at bay, but he was quickly figuring out where he was faster than me. On lap 5, he made his move! He plowed thru some bushes and popped out right in front of me in the tighter woods section…
Our cars are very equal… If anything, Collin has the slight edge on me because my seat and belly put my Rs1 weighing in close to the 1800 Lb mark. This is about 80 Lbs more than Collin and his Rs1, so I knew I had to be on the gas much earlier than him when exiting a corners if any attempt at a pass would be possible.
At the beginning of lap 7, I knew there was a little wide area coming up, so I got right on his rear bumper and mashed the gas before completing the exit of the corner. This extra speed kicked my car up on two wheels about mid corner… It was gone, no time to save it and no way to turn back into it because I was still in the woods! Well, just so happens, there was standing a nice football size pine tree standing at the exit of this corner. This tree was just strong enough to withstand the momentum of my car and it basically Knocked me back over to all 4 wheels!
… Power House Fab build me one heck of chromoly cage so I knew my car wasn’t hurt from this impact, but this failed pass attempt did allow Collin to get a couple car lengths cushion on me now. I had to reset my focus and make No mistakes on the rest of this lap just to catch back up to his rear bumper. I completed the task tho and when we came thru to take the white flag lap, I was .006 behind him!
That’s right, .006! You couldn’t squeeze a puny kitten between his rear bumper and my front bumper. I was already pre-playing the last lap in my head on where best to make my pass attack! Our little back and forth battle had also reeled Jamie back in too, so I knew Collin was going over places in his head on where to pass Jamie. Plus, I am sure Jamie had saw his pit board telling him we was close now!
The last lap was shaping up to give one us the Thrill of Victory, or taste the agony of defeat! Yeah, you have to be old to remember that saying too! 🙂 I was planning on another open spot right up from where the last attempt failed… I knew there was a big wide open section going up to a steep hill climb. This hill climb had a bad G-out section right in front of it. I was on Collin’s rear end earlier thru that section and his car bottom’d out so bad some of his plastic flew off the car! I knew he would have to let off the gas there, and with my super-stiff shocks on, I could hold it wide open!
… This would be especially difficult for me because leading up to the place of attack was tight twisty section with many trees to dodge on either side! I’m not sure if it is Skill, Vision, Reflexes or just dumb luck, but at these tighter twisty sections I tend to hit more shit than Collin and Jamie do! … Jamie’s car was kicking up a little more dust thru there than we had been experiencing tho.
Here comes the exit out of the trees… As I close in faster than I need too, trying to get the best drive possible to pull up along side him in the open area, BAM!… I think that Tree just reached out and smacked my front tire! I know it wasn’t there when I mashed the gas! It was quickly jerking my front end over to the left too…
Luckily, I was able to stomp my left foot down on the dual brake pedal the Polaris Rs1 comes stock with… I still slid into that big mother of a tree pretty hard tho. But, Once again my Power House fab’d products saved me from race ending damage. My front bumper took most of the impact so my A-arms were all still good and strait.
Having to put it in reverse to back up tho allowed those two in front of me to escape… I spent the rest of this lap feeling like I had just been turned down for a prom date… Again.
Ohhh well, I finished out the podium in 3rd making it another sweep for OTR tires. – Mitch Truett

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Collin Truett in the blue cage, Mitch Truett in the red cage

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