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Get your golf cart ready for Spring

Golf carts are getting increasingly popular for not just fairway, but for families at home for small distance traveling. As more people discover the benefits of golf cart customization, the number of golf carts is sure to keep increasing. There are several explanations why golf carts are becoming an ideal method of transportation, such as low fuel costs and overall convenience.

OTR has the perfect selection of golf cart tires to be ready for the green or for the road. Picking the right tire for what you use your golf cart for will provide longer battery life, longer wear on your tires, and a more enjoyable ride.

350 Super Mag





The OTR 350 Super Mag is designed with a non-directional tread pattern to reduce rolling resistance as well as road noise in order to maximize comfort while riding. The 350 Super Mag provides superb traction and wear characteristics on various terrain. It is extremely durable, thanks to rubber compounds that enable it to be very resistant to abrasion which in turn makes it last longer while in use on hard surfaces. The 350 Super Mag is built to RTV vehicle standards and supports greater load ratings than most marketplace ATV tires today. The 350 Super Mag is available with OTR Flat-Proofing TyrLyner® for extra flatproofing.





Fairway Master





The OTR Fairway Master is a smooth riding tire. Its tread pattern, rubber compound, and tire construction provide maximum durability and ride comfort.










The OTR GC has a constructed rubber compound provides maximum stability and durability. Its design features a wide footprint and tough sidewall.





OTR Prowler





The OTR Prowler has a center tread element that provides for long wear and excellent lateral traction on wet turf. The Prowler is one of OTR’s exceptional tires ideal for golf courses and golf maintenance vehicles.





OTR TeeMaster





The OTR TeeMaster features a low rolling resistance for longer battery life, a flat profile for high stability, low noise on hard surfaces, and better traction while gentle on turf





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