Featured Dealer – Cedar Rapids Tire

//Featured Dealer – Cedar Rapids Tire

Featured Dealer – Cedar Rapids Tire

This is the first of a series of ongoing blogs that will correlate with a new slider on our home page concerning one of our ‘featured’ dealers. This article contains an interview with John Venteicher from our dealer Cedar Rapids Tire.

As Mr. Venteicher states, Cedar Rapids Tire is “a wholesaler and retailer of ATV, UTV, lawn and garden, motorcycle, golf cart, trailer and specialty tires in general. We also sell parts and accessories for motorcycles, ATV’s and golf carts. We have 20 dedicated and knowledgeable employees—many of which can say that they have decades of tire and power sports experience.”

When we asked Mr. Venteicher  about when he first looked at purchasing from OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. what some of the driving factors in us earning his business were, he went on to say “we expect the same thing from our vendors that our customers expect from us: great quality and service at a competitive price. OTR quality is excellent. We carry many different lines of products from a number of manufacturers. If I ask one of my sales professionals to name their top 3 lines to sell…OTR will be one of those mentioned.” When asked what main products Cedar Rapids Tire purchases from OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc., Mr. Venteicher states that the main products are “350 MAG Off Road, 440 MAG Off Road, Garden Master, Grass Master, Lawn Trac, and Litefoot” and that the best sellers are the 350 and 440 MAG Off Road tires; “The 350 and 440 MAG Off Road do very well for us…customers love them…they’re easy to sell, and the customers always come back!” When asked what his favorite was, he replied that the “The 350 MAG Off Road is our anchor!”

The value that we, OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc., provide to one of our dealers, such as Cedar Rapids Tire, is very important to us. “OTR is a partner to CRT in the truest sense of the word—like I said earlier, they provide great product and service at a competitive price. They also do a great job of promoting us as a dealer,” was what Mr. Venteicher had to say about the value we provide Cedar Rapids Tire. Here at OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc., we pride our self on our service. We asked Mr. Venteicher if he, as our customer, felt as though we provide CRT excellent service? He stated that “Dave Rush and Tim Long are the faces  and names of OTR for us. They provide excellent support and service.”

We look forward to our future in doing business with Cedar Rapids Tire.

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