Choosing the Right Farm Equipment Tire

As the summer draws to a close, you may find that your tractor tires have suffered a significant amount of wear over the past few months. If they are at a point where their effectiveness or traction is in question it is probably time to buy a new set. We at OTR have a few different high quality agricultural tires, therefore we have endeavored to outline them as well as their uses and applications in order to help you decide on which is the best for your needs. Read on below for info on our Traction Master, Litefoot, Garden Master, and Grass Master®.

The OTR Traction Master

The OTR Traction Master is an agricultural tire as well as a lawn and garden tire. While it is known for its excellent traction provided by its aggressive R1 design, it also features a compounded design for long wear, a deep lug for even better traction, and overlapping elements for a smooth ride. It’s 45 Degree Lug provides not only self-cleaning but also traction benefits.

Sizes of The Traction Master







The OTR Litefoot

The OTR Litefoot was originally designed as OTR’s answer for equipment required to operate in sandy conditions as well as produce minimal turf damage and yet provide enough traction to get the job done! The Litefoot tread pattern provides great traction and superior wear characteristics on a variety of surfaces. The Litefoot is constructed with a long wear rubber compound and is designed for great handling and performance on small equipment.

Features Of the Litefoot

Sizes Of the Litefoot

The OTR Garden Master

The OTR Garden Master is a high quality R4 directional tire designed for small equipment. The herringbone tread design provides great traction for a variety of operating conditions. Its tire lugs grip effectively in soft pack, sand and hard pack conditions.

Sizes of The Garden Master


The OTR Grass Master®

Grass Master®

The OTR Grass Master® is designed with a high traction tread and a long wear rubber compound. The Grass Master® is available with a 2 or 4-ply rating for most sizes. One of OTR’s highest rated tires, one OTR costumer had this to say about his buying experience:

Sizes of The Grass Master®






































If you are looking for more info on any part of the buying or use process, please feel free to read any of the previous articles we have written on the subject. Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself an experienced farm equipment owner, please read our Rider Safety Series: Agricultural blog to brush up on general safety practices!

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