As the summer draws to a close, you may find that your lawn mower’s tires have suffered a significant amount of wear over the past few months. If they are at a point where their effectiveness or traction is in question it is probably time to buy a new set. We at OTR have a few different high quality lawn mower tires, therefore we have endeavored to outline them as well as their uses and applications in order to help you decide on which is the best for your needs. Read on below for info on our Zero-T, Chevron II, Litefoot, and Grassmaster.

Zero T

The Zero-T

Our Zero-T has been designed with Zero Turn mowers in mind. It is built to offer better grip on the sides of hills, better puncture resistance, and better slow speed maneuverability than most tires on the market. Thanks to the Zero-T’s enhanced rubber technology, there is also a large reduction in shock and vibration during operation.

The Zero-T is also able to make fast, tight turns without the risk of damaging your turf thanks to it’s improved tread design. This design also allows the tire to see a speed increase of up to 1 MPH, or approximately an increase of 15%, without any extra fuel consumption. Be sure to check out the sizing info below and visit the product page!

Features Of the Zero-T

Zero-T Sizes



The Chevron II

The Chevron II is a non-directional tire specifically designed to provide superior stability and traction. It’s high quality construction provides excellent durability and wear resistance. Sporting a slightly more shallow tread depth than the original Chevron,  this tire is a safe bet for a lower cost general lawn mower tire. It’s simplicity makes it ideal for a variety of small equipment applications. Be sure to check out the sizing info below and visit the product page!

Features Of the Chevron II

Chevron II Sizes



The Grassmaster

The Grassmaster has been designed to have a high traction tread as well as a long wear rubber compound. This tire also features a deeper tread depth in order to increase puncture resistance, as well as a unique shoulder design that minimizes turf damage during turns.  This tire is suited for just about any mowing application you could throw at it. It is available in 2 or 4-ply for most sizes, and is also able to be purchased either in a standard profile or a flat profile. Be sure to check out the sizing info below and visit the product page!

Features Of The Grassmaster

Grassmaster Sizes


The Litefoot

The Litefoot

The Litefoot was originally designed to be operated mostly in sandy condition while producing minimal turf damage yet still having enough traction to move efficiently. It was successful in this mission, and has proven to be a great tire for applications even beyond sandy ones. It’s tread pattern provides great traction and superior wear characteristics on a variety of surfaces. This tire is very similar to the Grassmaster featured above, however it’s tread isn’t quite as deep. Be sure to check out the sizing info below and visit the product page!

Features Of the Litefoot

Litefoot Sizes

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