Congratulations to Truett Racing on their podium finishes this past weekend at the 6th round of the American Woods Racing Series (AWRCS).  The race took place in Templeton, PA at the Scrubgrass OHV Park. Father and son, Mitch and Collin Truett, raced in the Heavy 801+ UTV class. Collin finished in 2nd and Mitch in 3rd. Collin was using OTR’s championship worthy Wizzard® and HP-009 tires, and Mitch debuted our new Trail Warriors!

The Trail Warrior is designed with radial construction and a flexible sidewall for less rolling resistance and longer tread life. The Trail warrior provides high void ratio for improved and exceptional traction. It is extremely durable with a 8ply rating which makes it good for high loads and tough applications.

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Here’s the race report from Truett Racing;

Mitch Truett on Victory Lane

“Truett Racing made a last minute decision to head to Templeton PA to race round 6 with the AWRCS series at the Scrubgrass OHV park. Their format is much like the Mideast Series we currently run locally. They race youth Atvs Saturday morning, then adult Atv classes at 12:30. The UTV race is 4pm on Saturday afternoon.
We took the RV to this event so we had to park a long ways from where all the festivities were and while driving the cars up the mountain roads to register, Mitch noticed one of Collin’s rear wheels was warped. After a little investigating, it turns out the wheel was fine, but the hub was warped. Knowing the competition was going to be stout, they decided to swap out Collin’s hub with the one on Mitch’s RS-1 because Collin stood the better chance of winning. There was plenty of time to make the necessary repairs, but this meant there would be NO track walking at all. When 4pm arrived, there was 17 buggies lined up on the front Pro row, 12 in 801+ class, 4 in the lites class and an Rs1 lined up in the single seat class. With 17 buggies lined up to battle thru a 180 to turn 1, the guys were getting a little nervous! Turns out tho, Mitch is still the king of the holeshots and beat all of them thru turn 1! He held on to the lead with Collin in 2nd all the way out of sight.

Collin Truett on Victory Lane

Before lap 1 was over though, fellow GNCC competitor Kyle Channey, and Collin had passed Mitch, moving him back to 3rd. The track was wide open and fast with creek crossing, fields, logging roads and plenty of rocky sections. Kyle maintained the lead the entire race with Collin and Mitch maintaining 2nd and 3rd the entire time. Mitch was racing his Polaris RS1 running the new OTR Trail Warriors without any inserts or flat protection. Those tires worked perfect for this hard packed and rocky terrain. Collin was running his Polaris XP 1000 with the OTR Wizard Radials in the rear and HP 009 in the front. His were mounted to bead locks rims with Tire Spine inserts. All tires, and both Polaris machines finished this fast, rough, rocky track flawlessly too. Almost no failures of any kind to report! Collin did blow the seals on a front shock and also needs a rear wheel bearing post race. Mitch’s Rs-1 will need a new front ball joint and maybe a new lower radius rod after his race efforts. The faster speeds really put a beating on some of the wear items during this race. All in all, It was a Great day for Truett Racing. It does feel good to capture two of the top 3 podium spots for us and OTR again. Couldn’t do any of this with out a great team backing us in our efforts too! Thanks again for the help!” 

Thank you Truett Racing for your continued support and dedication! We’re so proud to have you as a part of our OTR Racing team!

Attention Racers!

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