Mounting and Just-In-Time Programs

OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. operates several high-volume tire-mounting facilities. We can provide your manufacturing operation with the wheels required, special undercoat treatments, top-coats with your specific paint color, and tire of your choice delivered to your facility just when they are needed for your manufacturing and production lines.

  • Consult with OEM manufacturing and engineering teams about J-I-T delivery programs to support operations.
  • Operate high volume tire mounting facilities in support of J-I-T programs.
  • Receive, inspect, prime, paint and top coat wheels to meet OEM specifications.
  • Mount tires, foam fill, and ballast fill mounted assemblies.
  • Package, palletize, label, and deliver to OEM manufacturing facilities on J-I-T schedules.

Over the last several years, OTR Wheel Engineering has become one of the world’s premiere suppliers of original equipment tire/wheel assemblies. Many of our original equipment (OEM) customers require their tire/wheel assemblies to be flat-proofed with polyurethane fills — also known as foam fill. Polyurethane foam-filled tire and wheel assemblies are standard equipment on many skid steers, man-lifts and off-the-road construction equipment. Because we mount and foam-fill so many tire/wheel assemblies, OTR has become the largest volume foam-fill pumping company in North America.

We can provide your mounted assemblies palletized, shrink-wrapped and delivered in a Just in Time (JIT) delivery schedule. As a regular service, our tire mounting facilities are capable of providing several foam fill options and liquid ballast when required. OTR Wheel Engineering has many years of experience with Just in Time (JIT) programs put in place for its key OEM customers.

Our Programs Can Help You

Let Us Assist You In Having The Right Material At The Right Time

Our goal at OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. is to assist you in having the right material at the right time, at the right place, and in the exact amount required for your J-I-T inventory system.  Contact us to get a free consultation to find out how we can help you with your J-I-T requirements in your manufacturing process.

What that means to you — the customer — is you will have your tire and wheel assemblies foam filled by the most experienced, knowledgeable company in the industry. We will make sure the job is done right — just the way you expect it. As with all quality foam fill installers, we use only 100 percent virgin fill in new foam filled assemblies. Advances in Green foam fill innovations are also solutions OTR can provide. Ask about our Ecofill solutions if your company desires to have environmentally friendly foam fill installed in your tires.