OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. has long been involved in working with OEM's to acquire, assemble, and deliver mounted tire/wheel assemblies based on customers unique configuration requirements.

Integration and Global Supplier

Partnering With OEM’s

Whether or not the OEM customer is using an OTR designed tire, an OTR supplied wheel, or another manufacturer’s tires and wheels, we can coordinate the ordering, receiving, inspection and final assembly of the customers required tire and wheel assembly.

OTR can integrate the whole process for the OEM to streamline and produce manufacturing efficiencies that will save the OEM customer both time and money.

What We Can Do

  • Supply, assemble, and deliver component parts to assemble complete tire/wheel assemblies that meet OEM customer specifications.
  • Utilize OEM specified tires and wheels and produce and deliver finished assemblies to customers.
  • Use the OTR global supply chain we have developed to acquire tire and wheel products.
  • Develop and qualify suppliers of tire and wheel products from around the world.
  • Locate the highest quality and competitive products we can to meet OEM customer material requirements.