Tired of flat tire downtime? Foam Fill could be your solution!

Benefits of Foam Fill:

  • Tires can be punctured, cut or chipped and they will not go flat – your equipment will continue to work.
  • It works in any tubeless or tube type tire with a sound casing.
  • Will work in extremely adverse weather conditions even up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit below zero.
  • Excellent heat dissipation qualities to reduce heat build up.
  • The right durometer must be chosen to ensure you get the benefit of foam fill.

Safety Enhancements:

  • There is no chance of a tire blow out causing instantaneous flats.
  • Your operators and anyone else in the work area will be protected from the explosive force of a blown out tire.
  • Limited chance of equipment tip-overs due to operators losing control of equipment from instantaneous tire failure.
  • Increased weight and tire ballast in overload or applications where ballast is required or beneficial.
  • Limp-in capability as severe tire damage won’t stop the equipment from moving to a safe location away from the work area.

Cost Savings:

  • Eliminates down time of equipment due to flat or leaking tires.
  • Eliminates or lowers your tire repair costs.
  • Retreading is possible to extend the service life of the foam filled assembly.
  • Improved tire life because tires maintain proper inflation and deflection on the work surface.
  • Reduction in lost income due to equipment downtime.
  • Usually the cost of the foam fill will pay for itself the first time you use it.


  • Multiple ranges of foam filled hardness can be pumped.
  • There is almost a limitless variety of tires you can foam fill.
  • It can be used on a broad range of equipment. Consult your sales representative for more details.

Foam Fill Options


8 to 12 durometer.


20 to 28 durometer.


30 to 35 durometer.


45 durometer and greater.

Green Machine

Green MachineOur Green Machine is an economical option to standard foam fill. We have specialized equipment designed to reutilize foam thereby reducing waste in the landfills.

This process combines a fine rubber crumb with a standard virgin foam fill. The dilution of fill also allows us to lower your costs providing an additional benefit. The fill is PERFECT in a light to medium duty application.

Polyurethane Foam Fill

Polyurethane Foam FillPolyurethane foam fill is a tire filling composite with two parts of liquid polymers. These polymers (Part A & B) are pumped into a tire with a specialized pump.

Foam fill eliminates flat tires and has been used since the 1970’s for flat proofing tires.