Wheel Inspection – Repair and Recertificaion Services

OTR Wheel Canada has been in the business of inspecting, repairing, recertifying wheels since 1994. We have access to factory sections, special discs, technical specifications and engineering support to repair, recondition and recertify wheels used in earthmoving, mining, forestry, heavy duty off road truck and industrial applications. Customers utilizing our inspection and repair services include excavating companies, surface mines, underground mines, quarry operations, timber harvesters, steel mills, service companies and a variety of other heavy industrial applications.

We now have eight strategic locations which will accommodate your business. This enables us to provide you with a quick turnaround, minimal downtime on equipment and help to ensure employee safety. At OTR Wheel Canada, we are very proud of the unique Tracking Program we have developed. Each wheel is tracked by serial number, stamped, tracked by wheel position on the machine, hours of service and any maintenance actions performed. This program was developed specifically for OTR Wheel Canada while working with one of the largest mines in North America and is recommended by the Ministry of Labour.

Wheel Inspection

We are experieiced in the specialized business of wheel inspection, repair and recertification.

Repair & Recertification

We have been in the business of inspecting, repairing and re-certifying wheels since 1994.

Certified Wheel Repair

With over 20 years of history, our program is proven to assure safety of the wheel.

& Recertification Facility

Our rapidly growing client base helps prove our commitment to you.

Wheel Tracking

Keeps accurate data of which wheel is in the field and when it is due for inspection.

A Unique Value Added Service

Prolongs the life of large wheels and tires.

OTR Wheel Canada

OTR Wheel Canada is a certified wheel repair and wheel recertification facility. With over 11 years of data (history) of wheels in service and a rapidly growing client base, our repair and recertification program is proven to assure safety and longevity of the wheel.

Why Choose Us

      • We have proven experience in the industry, with proven results.
      • Our recertification program saves significant amounts of downtime and money for customers.
      • We offer unique wheel/rim tracking services, thus developing a long term partnership with end customers.