Introduction to Agricultural Machinery

//Introduction to Agricultural Machinery

Introduction to Agricultural Machinery

Many different crops are planted and harvested all throughout the year. All of these different crops require different preparation, locations, and machinery to be raised properly. If you are interested in learning more about the machinery required to plant and maintain different crops, we assume that you are already familiar with crop rotations and proper locations, therefore we have opted to just focus on introducing some of the different categories of machinery used in agricultural applications. We will start with one of the most basic staples of agricultural machinery: tractors.

Tractors are very adaptable pieces of agricultural machinery. They are made to maintain high levels of traction at slow speeds with the purpose of hauling trailers and/or agricultural machinery. Originally, tractors were mostly used to pull tillage machinery, however now more and more types of agricultural machinery have been designed to utilize a tractor.

Soil cultivation equipment is used for tasks such as tilling, plowing, rolling, destoning, harrowing, etc. The equipment used for such tasks includes cultivators, harrows (such as spike harrows, drag harrows, or disk harrows), rotators, rollers, and destoners. The general goal of soil cultivation is usually to aerate, turn over, weed, or even just smooth out soil in an area. For more info, visit this Wikipedia page!

Planting equipment is used for, you guessed it, planting. The specific machines used for this task include broadcast seeders, planters, seed drills, etc. Each type of planter has a different method of spreading seed around a field. The one thing they all have in common though, is that they are most often pulled behind a tractor. For more in depth descriptions of how each type of planter operates, visit the following Wikipedia page.

Fertilization and pest control equipment is another pretty self explanatory category. The types of machines included in it are manure spreaders and general sprayers. These machines typically either spread manure or spray pesticide. If more explanation is wanted on either one of those machine categories, please visit this Wikipedia link!

Irrigation equipment is used for keeping crops supplied with appropriate amounts of water. There are a few different machines which will do this, and all of them are used for different specific crop setups and applications. Specific examples are drip irrigation machines, sprinkler systems, center pivot irrigation systems, and hydroponics systems. The linked Wikipedia page has more in depth explanations of each!

Harvesting equipment is used for collecting crops once they have matured enough to be reaped and prepared for distribution. There are many different types of equipment that aid in this process, therefore we won’t list all of them here. Some examples include cotton pickers, grape harvesters (a really cool demonstration video can be seen here), potato harvesters, mechanical tree shakers, rice hullers, and swathers. For information pertaining to each individual example above, visit the links provided. Otherwise, to view all the other types of agricultural equipment not listed at any point above, please visit Wikipedia’s quite detailed list!

Harvest Master

The OTR Harvest Master Tire

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