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Our Story:


TR Wheel Engineering was founded in 1987 by Fred Taylor as a small wheel shop in Rome, Georgia. There he began to manufacture and distribute wheels and wheel components to customers in the Southeast. Mr. Taylor found that customers wanted a “service and product integrator”. After landing it’s first major customer in Chambersburg Pennsylvania in 1995, OTR began soliciting major “original equipment manufacturers” with the concept of providing the procurement of their tires and wheels, assembling, and delivering to them “Just-In-Time (JIT)” to reduce their material carrying costs. As the company grew it required significant resources.


ith this philosophy of providing tires and wheels, assembling, and delivering them “Just-In-Time (JIT)” OTR went on a major expansion by opening up 7 mounting facilities over the next eight years and two new wheel facilities. OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. continues today with this operating philosophy. OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. continues to work with their customer base to innovate new product enhancements, provide cost reduction programs, and finding ways for innovation within the customer’s industry. OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. is expanding to become fully integrated world-wide. Wheel manufacturing facilities are located in different countries along with mounting and integration facilities.

Why OTR?

Hello and thank you for visiting our website.
I am confident OTR Wheel Engineering can assist you with any questions or problems you might have with tire and wheel assemblies for Off-The-Road applications.

We have been in the business over 25 years. During this time we have expanded not only with our physical presence globally, but also in our technology as it pertains to tires and wheels.

OTR has a full time Engineering support team that can work with any company to develop new products or enhance existing processes. We have 5 patents on tires and can offer over 300 tread types and sizes.

In addition, on our wheel side, we have a full range of manufacturing capability with the capability to roll our own material so we are not dependent on foreign sources.

Our business model to function as a tire and wheel integrator has proven successful for many years.  We have global and domestic procurement and we can open up facilities for just in time delivery to help with lowering on-site inventory.

We are also proficient in wheel repair and recertification for large off-the-road earthmover and construction machines.

The other characteristic that I strive for within my family of companies is to build customer relationships. After all of the contractual and product negotiations are over, it is the relationship between OTR and our customers that sustains the business over many years.

For these reasons, I hope you inquire with OTR about any design or delivery solution you might need to assist with your own company goals and objectives.


   Fred Taylor
   Chairman and President

OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc.

Specializes in manufacturing, distributing, and engineering off-the-road tire and wheel products.

We Offer JIT Delivery Programs

Just In Time (JIT) delivery programs can reduce on-site material inventory.

We Are Capable Of

Global integration, importing, and exporting, because we have sales and service facilities worldwide.

Our Facilities Can Be Found In

The United States, Canada, Europe, and China, with other affiliates in Australia and South America.

Our Proven Design

Capabilities, product innovations, and stellar customer service make us the answer to your needs.

In 2014, We Were awarded

The INC 5000’s fastest growing companies and made the INC 5000’s hall of fame.

Our Capabilities And Core Competencies:

  • Customized Just In Time (JIT) Delivery Programs.
  • Design and Engineering with 3-D CAD/CAM and FEA Analysis with AutoCAD, ANSYS, and INVENTOR.
  • Global Purchasing and Foam Filling Services.
  • Importing, Exporting, Logistics, and Warehousing.
  • Tire Mounting (Small to Large Volume – High Capacity).
  • Shipping, Receiving, and Packaging.
  • Wheel Repair and Reconditioning Services.
  • NDT Testing Equipment.
  • Phase Array Testing.
  • Magnetic Particle Testing.
  • Dye Penetrant Faro Arm, Variety of Test and Measurement Gauges, Fixtures, and Jigs.
  • Lateral and Radial Run Out Testing, Tire Deflection Testing.
  • Machining and drilling with Mills, Lathes, and CNC Equipment.
  • Welding – Manual and Semi-Automatic Robotic Pressing, Rolling and Bending Metal.
  • Shot Blasting Assembly Work.
  • Pretreating, Priming, and Painting.
  • Tires.
  • Wheels, Rims, and Components.
  • Mounted Tire/Wheel Assemblies.
  • Foam Fill Solutions.
  • Repair/Reconditioning Services.
  • Rubber Tracks.
  • Cast Dics, Hubs, Spindles, and Other Machined Components.
  • Lawn, Garden, Turf, and ATV/UTV.
  • Material Handling, Oil and Gas, and Rental Services.
  • Earthmoving, Construction, Mining, and Agriculture.
  • Heavy Industrial Equipment, Ground Support, and Consumer Equipment Products.
  • Aftermarket, Off-The-Road Tire Dealers, Off-The-Road Equipment Dealers and End Users.
  • Military Sales; Direct Sales to Military and Other Government Agencies.
  • Sales to Defense Contractors.