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26 02, 2019

How to Ready your Lawn Mower Equipment for Spring

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How to Ready your Lawn Mower Equipment for Spring Spring is officially one month away, and depending on where you are it might not feel like it just yet. But once warmer weather starts to get consistent, your grass will start its spring growth surge and will need mowing. Get your mower ready with us [...]

19 02, 2019

OTR 350 Super Mag®

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OTR 350 Super Mag®- OTR Engineering's latest patented tire! We loved the 350 Super Mag® so much, we put a stamp on it! When a tire is capable of supporting greater load ratings than most marketplace ATV tires and features an open non-directional tread pattern which allows it to have superb traction and maximum durability, [...]

11 02, 2019

Truett Racing Team Continues their OTR Sponsorship

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This week Truett Racing signed to continue their OTR Race Team Sponsorship From left to right: Collin Truett Signing | Fellow racer and father Mitchell Truett, Collin Truett, and mother Stephanie Truett | Collin Truett with a OTR Trail Warrior We are proud to continue to have the Truett’s Team as a partner, [...]

5 02, 2019

Golf Cart Tires: Get your golf cart ready for Spring

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Golf Cart Tires Get your golf cart ready for Spring Golf carts are getting increasingly popular for not just fairway, but for families at home for small distance traveling. As more people discover the benefits of golf cart customization, the number of golf carts is sure to keep increasing. There are several explanations why golf [...]