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30 08, 2018

Explore the Different Types of ATV/UTV Tires

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Types of ATV/UTV Tires There are many different types of tires for ATV/UTV’s, and sometimes it can become tricky deciding which tire is appropriate for your intended use regarding tread patterns and terrain. While there are crossover performance qualities between some, it’s important to use tires for their intended purpose. That way, you will get [...]

24 08, 2018

OTR Racing: Heartland Challenge Race Report

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OTR Racing Race Report 2018 Heartland Challenge GBC Motorsports describes the Heartland Challenge as the most extreme and challenging ATV/UTV endurance race in the country. With HOURS of straight racing, it’s certainly safe to say it takes some serious skill and courage to withstand. The UTV race was a 4 hour challenge, and OTR Racing [...]

10 08, 2018

OTR Wheel Engineering Mining Wheels

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OTR Wheel Engineering: Mining Wheels OTR Wheel Engineering is a worldwide distributor and manufacturer of mining wheels. We design, develop and manufacture mining wheels ranging from 20-63inches in diameter for underground and open-pit operations. We manufacture rims and wheels for various types of earthmoving and mining equipment, including; Haul Trucks Front End Loader Scrapers Graders [...]

9 08, 2018

Golf Cart Safety

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Golf Cart Safety Golf carts are not only useful on the golf course, but they have also become a very useful and necessary form of transportation for many different types of work purposes and other recreation. Unfortunately, golf car accidents can cause a lot of damage and injuries. We, at OTR Wheel Engineering, decided to [...]

3 08, 2018

Understanding ATV/UTV Tires and Tire Sizing

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Understanding ATV/UTV Tires and Sizing When you’re considering replacing your equipment’s original tires, it’s important to understand UTV/ATV tire sizing. Having the right size tire is just as important as with street legal passenger vehicles. It’s not only important for performance, but also for handling. ATV/UTV Sizing ATV/UTV tires are similar to passenger vehicles, but [...]