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30 06, 2018

OTR Racing: Racer Contingency Program

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OTR is Proud to Introduce our Racer Contingency Program! Become a part of the OTR Racing team, and get PAID to win! You could win up to $3,000!!! Why choose OTR Racing over the competitors? OTR is 31 years old and we do all types of tires from Lawn & Garden, PowerSports, Construction, Agricultural, Material [...]

23 06, 2018


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INTRODUCING THE   OTR's newest ATV tire's features consist of; Directional Off Road All-Terrain Performance Aggressive Tread Design - much like its predecessor, the 440 Mag. But with added mud breakers and a dimple to one lug Smooth Trail Rider - superb shock absorption and stability, but with less weigh than its predecessor Built to [...]

18 06, 2018

Wearmaster Non-Marking

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Introducing the WEARMASTER Now available in NON MARKING!  Besides the new non-marking rib tread, this exceptional industrial tire's features are; Non-Directional rib design Excellent for tow behind aerial work platforms Designed in USA               For more information on the OTR Wearmaster, call us today at (706) 235-9781 Be sure [...]

6 06, 2018


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INTRODUCING THE PRO TERRAIN The Pro Terrain is OTR's new exceptional UTV tire. It features; Directional Off-Road ultimate performance Deep lugs excel on loose to intermediate terrain Lug to void ratio Provides for the perfect balance of traction, steering response and mud cleaning Shoulder Lugs Protect the tire sidewall and rim applications     Check [...]