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7 12, 2015

Share With Us!

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Just take a trip down the road, and you will find our wheels and tires on new construction, building maintenance, and road construction equipment! You can also find our tires on ATV, RTV and SXS machines, as well as lawn mowers and tractors. Here are a couple of different pictures machines in action in Rome, [...]

20 11, 2015

Harvest Season! We Have The Tire!

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It's harvesting season!!! Try OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc's Harvest Master tire to fit your harvesting needs! This time of the year is the end of the cotton harvesting season. Cotton is noted for it's versatility, its appearance, its performance and above all, its natural comfort. From all types of apparel, to sheets and towels, tarpaulins [...]

6 11, 2015

Off-Road Mastery

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OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. was featured in the Fall 2015 issue of Wholesale & Distribution International magazine. The article has an interview with CFO Bob Owens, as well as providing background of OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. markets and services. To view the article in its entirety, please click here. OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. have been [...]

19 10, 2015

Kubota Manufacturing of America Produces One Millionth Unit

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Kubota Manufacturing of America, Gainsville, Ga., has produced its one millionth product at its Gainsville facility since the company began the production of wheeled products in 1994. The milestone event comes a few weeks after the company’s groundbreaking of a new RTV manufacturing facility in Gainesville, Georgia. Kubota Manufacturing of America’s one millionth commemorative unit, [...]

7 08, 2015

Keep Your Equipment Running During Summer

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Summertime brings hotter temperatures and high humidity, along with increased sun exposure and drier conditions. When you are running your equipment heavily in the summer time, these conditions can result in a new set of maintenance and challenges. The increased heat and higher humidity forces components to work harder, resulting in failure and costly repairs. [...]

31 07, 2015

New Lift & Access Consumer Report

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We wanted to share with you the new Components and Consumables report brought to you by Lift and Access. Inside you'll find useful information on parts and products for the lifting industry. An exert from this guide says: "Successful equipment and facility managers depend on strong partnerships with top-notch suppliers who provide components and consumable [...]

10 07, 2015

What Does Ply Rating Mean?

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The load range/ply rating branded on a tire's sidewall identifies how much load the tire is designed to carry at its industry specified pressure. Today's load range/ply ratings do not count the actual number of body ply layers used to make up the tire's internal structure, but indicate an equivalent strength compared to early bias [...]

26 06, 2015

OTR’s Lightning Telehandler

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We are proud to introduce the new OTR Lightning Telehandler! The OTR Lightning Telehandler is designed as a Non-Directional Telehandler tire with superior tread compound for cut and chip resistance and longer life. The low profile sidewall on the OTR Lightning Telehandler provides less heat generation and reduces sidewall damage which extends the overall life [...]

19 06, 2015

OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. Partners with Honda

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OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership with Honda that places our HP-009 and HP-007 tires on Honda's multipurpose side-by-side Pioneer models. Our 12" HP-009's will be featured on the ALL NEW Honda Pioneer 1000. The HP-009 is designed to provide ultimate performance. The lug to void ratio provides the perfect balance [...]

12 06, 2015

Closed For Inventory – 2015

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Dear Valued Customers and Suppliers, Our company’s fiscal year end is Monday, June 30th. As a consequence of our fiscal year OTR will be closed on Wednesday July 1st and Thursday July 2nd 2015 for our annual physical inventory at all our locations. We will also be closed on Friday, July 3rd in observance of [...]