OTR Wheel Engineering and all of its associated divisions are recognized as being the largest supplier of foam filled tire/wheel assemblies in United States by volume of foam pumped annually.  Due to the immense volume of polyurethane foam fill pumped through its facilities, OTR has sourcing agreements will all of the major polyurethane foam fill suppliers in the industry.

A big part of OTR Wheel Engineering’s business is being a major supplier of mounted tire/wheel assemblies to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) that manufacture rubber tired equipment.  Many of the OEM’s that we service either build equipment or have customers that demand foam filled tires. OTR services many of these OEM customers through its many strategically located certified foam fill facilities and its customized Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery programs tailored specifically to meet the demands or requirements of OEM’s.

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 OTR also is very active in servicing aftermarket customers with very large fleets of equipment that require flat proofed tires on the equipment they have in the field.

If you are unfamiliar with polyurethane foam fill polymers, the following information will explain what it is, what it does, the features and benefits.  Foam fill for tires is also known as “tire fill” or “poly fill” and those terms can be used synonymously on the context to pumping polyurethane foam into tires for flat proofing. 

OTR is a major supplier of foam filled tires


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