OTR GRASSMASTER Tire 20x8.00-10

20x8.00-10 OTR GRASSMASTER, 4 Ply Rating, 22 PSI, Tire, Part Number T8042080010
OTR GRASSMASTER 20x8.00-10 TireOTR GRASSMASTER 20x8.00-10 Tire
Part Number: T8042080010

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Part Number: T8042080010, 20x8.00-10 GRASSMASTER, 4 Ply Rating, Tire

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OTR Grassmaster Specifications:

Ply Rating: 4 Ply
PSI: 22
Tire OD: 19.6"
Tire Section Width: 7.7"
Loading Rating: 850@10 MPH
Tread Depth: .291"
Rim Size: 10 x 6.5

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The OTR Grassmaster 20x8.00-10 tire is designed with high traction tread and long wear rubber compound. The tire comes in premium 4 ply rating. This tire part number designates that Tireliner is installed for flat-proofing protection. The Grassmaster tread pattern provides great traction and superior wear characteristics on a variety of surfaces. The Grassmaster is designed for great handling on small equipment.

OTR-Grassmaster-Tire-OTR-Wheel-EngineeringThe OTR Grassmaster tire's main design features are:

  • High Traction and long wear knobby tread designed to minimize turf damage and soil compaction. Benefit: the tire has excellent wear characteristics and provides traction when off hard surfaces.
  • Premium rubber compound blend that is chip and cut resistant. Benefit: increased wear, stability and puncture resistance.
  • Rim Guard design. Benefit: protects the rim flange from damage.
  • Available in a number of popular sizes for lawn, garden and turf equipment.
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Tires can be special ordered with OTR's Tireliner flat proofing solution.

For volume purchasers, ask about our current Prepaid Freight Policy for shipping rubber products from one OTR shipping point.

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Number piecs in packaging: 9999

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