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    Cast Disc
    The Cast Discs and Wheels come in a variety of sizes and weights.

    Features of the Cast Discs

    • Rim Sizes Ranging From 28 up to 46.
    • Weighted From 355lbs to 1200lbs.

    Available Tire Sizes for the Cast Center Discs

     Cast Center Discs

    Available Tire Sizes for the Cast Wheel

    Cast Wheel Sizes

  • Harvest Master
    The OTR Harvest Master is a soil tillage, agricultural and lawn and garden tire, suitable for small tractors, implement machinery, compact loaders and mowers. It is designed to improve traction, while its wider footprint ensures stability. The large footprint also provides flotation to minimize damage to field crops.

    Features of the Harvest Master

    • Large Footprint Provides Flotation to Minimize Damage to Crop Fields.
    • 8 Ply Construction.

    Available Tire Sizes for the Harvest Master

  • Small Arctic Cat 250 Swift

    OTR 250 Swift

    The OTR 250 Swift supports RTV | UTV, agriculural, turf and lawn & garden applications.  The 250 Swift features a unique, stiff sidewall and hollow center cleats design.  It is built to RTV vehicle specifications and supports a greater load rating than most ATV tires on the market today.  The 250 Swift  is also available with OTR Tireliner for greater flatproofing.

    Features of the 250 Swift

    • Stiff Sidewall.
    • Hollow Center Cleats Design.

    Available Tire Sizes for the 250 Swift

    Features Of the 250 Swift
  • Kubota Tractor
    The OTR Traction Master is an agricultural tire as well as a lawn and garden tire. While it is known for its excellent traction provided by its aggressive R1 design, it also features a compounded design for long wear, a deep lug for even better traction, and overlapping elements for a smooth ride.

    Features of the Traction Master

    • 45 Degree Lug Provides Self-Cleaning.
    • 45 Degree Lug Provides Traction Benefits.

    Available Tire Sizes for the Traction Master

    Traction Master Sizes