16 ply

/16 ply
  • CAT Paver Heatmaster E7
    The OTR E7 Heatmaster is designed with specially formulated compounds that provide maximum performance and tread life in the most severe high heat paving applications.  

    Features of the OTR E7 HEATMASTER

    • Specially Formulated Compounds.
    • Maximum Performance.
    • High Heat Paving Applications.
    E7 Heatmaster Available Sizes E7 Heatmaster Available Sizes
  • Grader
    The OTR The OTR Grader G2 is a directional herringbone tread designed to provide excellent stability and traction.  

    Features of the Grader

    • Directional Herringbone Tread.
    • Excellent Stability.
    • Excellent Traction.
    Features of the Grader
  • IND-5
    The OTR IND-5 is a premium quality deep non-directional tread design. The large lugs provide for excellent traction and surface contact. The tire offers a reinforced sidewall and rim guard. Its enlarged bead allows for increased stability in heavy service.
    • Superior Design.
    • Superior Quality.
    Features of the IND-5
  • Lightning
    The OTR Lightning for Telehandler keeps pace with industry standards in innovation and technology. The Lightning provides up to a 20 percent larger footprint than its competitor, which allows for exceptional wear and increased flotation.  

    Features of the Lightning TELEHANDLER

    • Industry Standards.
    • 20% Larger Footprint.
    • Exceptional Wear.
    Features Of the Lightning TELEHANDLER
  • Genie Non Marking Outrigger Non-Marking
    The OTR Non-Marking Outrigger is without a doubt our most popular tire offering due to its excellent design and long history of superior performance. Non-Marking Tires are a patented design by OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. and are produced by special order. A minimum order quantity may apply.  

    Features of the Non-Marking Outrigger

    • Non-Marking.
    • Superior Design.
    • Superior Quality.

    Available Tire Sizes Of the Non-Marking Outrigger

    Features of Non-Marking Tires
  • JLG Lift

    OTR Outrigger

    Rated 3.00 out of 5
    The OTR Outrigger-R4 is without a doubt our most popular tire offering due to its excellent design and long history of superior performance.
    Outrigger® is a registered trademark.
    • Superior Design.
    • Superior Quality.